An Online Site Supervisor Course and Its Benefits

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What is a Site Supervisor? 

Within any given construction project, the importance of a site supervisor is paramount. Without one, the risk of poorly executed projects, or even failure, is increased tenfold. Becoming a Site Supervisor is a rewarding task for anyone willing to dedicate the time it takes to improve their capabilities and work on their skills. Within the role the responsibilities vary, but all require a high level of comprehension. Hence the requirement for an exceptionally delivered site supervisor course.


The main responsibility of a site supervisor is to oversee all on-site activities. The reason for doing so is to ensure employee safety and also, productivity. Safety within construction is of upmost importance. Construction projects contain many risks, as a site manager, you need to be prepared to identify and mitigate risks where possible. Therefore, it is essential that site managers are highly knowledgeable in current building and safety regulations. Further to this, site supervisors need to be experienced in leadership. Without such experience they will struggle to manage the productivity of the crew.


Where can I find an appropriate site supervisor course? 

There are many options available for those looking to pursue a career in site supervisory. Courses are delivered both in person and online. It is up to the individual and their personal circumstances as to which course they decide to take. For example, those who wish to study a site supervisor course straight after leaving school, a face-to-face training role might seem like the best choice.  For those who are looking to improve on existing skills or already have prior commitments, an online learning course may be the best choice for them. Given the physical nature of the role, it may seem difficult to imagine how a site supervisor course can be delivered online. Therefore, it is beneficial to covert the benefits on online learning, to best equip you with a base level of understanding, to enable you to pick the right learning journey based on your needs.


Why study a site supervisor course online? 

Online learning was once considered a secondary option to face-to-face learning. Understandably, as in comparison to university degrees, the ability to learn online is relatively new. However, we need to look past this. As a society we have evolved suddenly over the past decade. We are now much more advanced in terms of technology and understanding its true potential. Therefore, it is important to unpack the benefits learning a site supervisor course online has, that make it different to face-to-face learning environments.


The sustainability of online learning 

It is becoming more evident that we need to take extra care of the planet. Online learning can help contribute to this. Although, through the use of technology it may seem like a backwards approach, in effect online learning can have a positive impact on your carbon footprint. As lectures are delivered online there is little need for travel or resource.

The cost of online learning 

Additionally, through the use of less resource or the lack of need for physical space to deliver lectures, online learning is cheaper. A full-time university course can cost £9,000 per year or more. In comparison, online courses are much cheaper.


Learning a new skill is always going to take time. However, through the implementation of online courses, you can get qualifications in a much shorter time than attending a face-to-face course. On average, a full-time degree can take up to three years. In some cases, this can be even longer. Online learning however, can be completed in a matter of months depending on the course. This is because online courses are often more specific in the topic they cover. As opposed to covering multiple areas on subject, an online course is very direct in the content in covers. Such as the site supervisor course.


Where to find the right site supervisor course online

There are many educational bodies that offer a site supervisor course online. Thanks to their bountiful benefits, many people are choosing to learn online as opposed to leaving their homes to learn elsewhere. That being said, it can be hard to choose the course that is right for you. It is important to weight up the suitability of any particular course, as they all offer different content, delivered in different structures. Take the College of Contract Management for example. They offer a CIOB level 3 diploma in site supervisory. The course takes roughly one year to complete and offers an affordable payment plan to help alleviate any cost concerns. The course allows you to then begin work in a site supervisory role, as well as giving you the option to progress to the level 4 qualification.



A site supervisor course can be very rewarding to anyone looking to further their skills in the construction industry. Through expertly delivered training, courses such as those delivered by the College of Contract Management enable you to develop these skills via a cheaper, faster and more environmentally friendly way. Through enhancing your current skillset you are able to open more opportunities within your current or new career path, earn more money, and assist in keeping others safe.



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