An Overview of Insulated Polycarbonate Roof Panels Produced by Versatile Structures

Polycarbonate products are in a continuous process of development, but few companies can adapt to the unique design challenges in customisation and installation. Versatile Structures is among the most experienced in designing, producing, and installing insulated panel roofing. Here’s some information about the material.

About polycarbonate

Insulated polycarbonate roof panels are innovative solutions for applications requiring impact resistance, longevity, minimal maintenance, and reliable performance. They are low in weight, shatterproof, and can withstand extreme temperatures. Versatile Structures carefully picked its polycarbonate roofing products to ensure excellent load-carrying properties and a wide selection of designs and colours, allowing them to customise the product based on your aesthetic requirements and application.

More reasons to choose polycarbonate

A high-quality insulated panel roofing offers superior insulation properties that dampen sound. For optimum performance, it must be produced and installed by a seasoned company like Versatile Structures. That way, you can expect the roof to last over 20 years.

Where to use insulated polycarbonate panels

Polycarbonate has high light transmission, UV-resistant, and waterproof qualities. Versatile Structures can customise them for the following applications:

• Commercial roofing, cladding, and skylights
• Agricultural structures like greenhouses and plant nurseries or shops
• Resorts and hotels
• Seaside buildings and structures
• Retail, dining, and cafes
• Domestic applications like patio roofing, carports, windbreak decks, pool covers, and conservatories

Special features

Versatile Structures offers insulated polycarbonate roof panels for special applications.

• FDA-approved plastics – Certified glazing and plastic material for sensitive applications. With high Impact strength and extreme heat resistance.
• Flame retardant or fire-rated polycarbonate – Stronger than plexiglass and glass, and suppresses flames in case of fire.
• Antistatic polycarbonate – With a metal and plastic mixture coating to prevent static electricity generation.
• Bullet-resistant polycarbonate – Protects against forced entry, and won’t shatter upon impact. A more cost-effective alternative to bullet-proof glass.
• Abrasion-resistant polycarbonate – With coating technology that reduces liability risk and maintenance, making it suitable for hospitals, bus shelters, and schools.


Versatile Structures offers insulated panel roofing from trusted and well-known brands like Lysaght and Bluescope. Rest assured, you’re getting locally made products with only the best materials to guarantee durability.

Contact Versatile Structures to learn more about insulated polycarbonate roof panels. An in-house team of experts will work closely with you to help you with your project.

About the author:

Versatile Structures is an award-winning, industry leader in quality and durable custom shade designs for the commercial, industrial, and domestic sectors. We specialise in Shade Sails, Shade Structures, Umbrellas, Polycarbonate Roofing, Insulated Roofing, Awnings, and Blinds.

Our end-to-end design, construct, management, and installation service cover all areas of the project, from functionality consideration, initial design concepts, site-specific requirements and shading efficiencies, wind regions, engineering, building approvals, structurally sound installations, as well as the commissioning of electrical aspects. Versatile Structures’ versatility, agility, and ability to deliver a quality solution give us our competitive edge.

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