An Overview of Ship Management And Related Marine Operations

Ship Management Company

Managing marine vessels or ships in general sense is called ship management. Ship management activity is usually entrusted to a ship management company, because of the various maintenance formalities that are involved in ship management. Ships are generally huge means of transport water that sail across seas to the different locations of the world in order to transport goods and or passengers which at times can take several days at a stretch.

Although ships and vessels are primarily equipped with machinery which not only enable them to travel long distances in seas and oceans, but these devices and machinery help to create that natural environment within the ship to survive during the voyages. However this machinery like other equipment is quite critical and needs appropriate and timely maintenance too. If the machinery lacks maintenance, then it could certainly lead to a breakdown of the equipment during a voyage at sea which apparently could result in an expensive issue.

A shipping company normally has a number of vessels or ships in its fleet, and due to this the maintenance of these are entrusted to a ship management company. In order to make certain such circumstances are properly handled and adequate interest is given to the vessels and its maintenance, ship companies outsource the ship management task.

Ship Management Company provides the possessor with sufficient crew on board, and when a ship is out of the shipyard, the ship management company takes it over and provides technical and allied ship management services that are necessary. Apart from the usual service and maintenance of the ships another sector that is fast developing and plays an important role in marine services is the Marine Laboratory and testing service, which basically carries out research and education in marine and environmental science.

Primarily a Marine testing service is an advanced facility that helps and conducts research and testing, maintenance, ensuring the providing of aquatic and marine organisms that are crucial to biomedical and ecological examining sectors. Another means of water transport, is a yacht, which is a smaller sailing vehicle mainly used for pleasure sailing, cruising in comparatively shallow waters.

The term yacht generally is used to describe or refer vessels with a furnished cabin intended for the night use. A yacht is likely to possess a good aesthetic quality. The Commercial Yacht necessarily has higher construction standards which solely are manufactured for pleasure sailing of passengers. Categorised as racing yachts, which are designed for performance more than comfort, charter yachts are sailed for profits on a commercial scale.

In either of the cases whether the mode of water transport is a ship or a yacht, the aspect of maintenance and service is almost the same, where the specific activity is once again entrusted to a professional marine services company. In this regard Shank international is one of the pioneers in marine engineering services and ship maintenance services and marine testing services. Established in 1994, Shank International, has been providing first class marine services to ships and yacht owning companies and individuals. The marine engineering services that are offered by Shank International are well acclaimed and have maintained a consistent repute with its esteemed clientele.

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