An Overview on Fasteners and Their Uses

Caliber Enterprise is also a leading exporter of high-quality BoltsScrewsNutsWashersRingsThreaded Rods and other Fasteners in leading countries. All our Bolts fasteners meet the requirements of International Quality Standards(IQS) and can be used anywhere around the world without any issues.

At Caliber Enterprises we make sure that all our Fasteners are of high-quality, therefore each fastener, be it bolts, nuts, screws, washers, rings or threaded rods goes through certain quality tests. These quality tests make sure that the client gets only high quality fasteners that are quality tested and pass with 100% quality results.

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Bolts are used to make a bolted joint. A bolted joint is created by a bolt and a nut together. Where a Nut is used to tighten the grip between the flange or such product where a bolt is used. Basically bolts are used for the assembly of two unthreaded components with the help of a nut.

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Nuts are a type of fastener that has a hole in it. The hole in the Nuts is always threaded. The nut is paired with the bolt which is its pairing partner. The Nuts are always used with the pairing Bolts to tighten them .

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Screws is a fastener that is similar to the bolts in many ways. The Screws are made of metals and characterized by helical ridge. Screws are also known as male thread. Screws are used to fasten the materials by digging in and welding into a material. Screws don’t require nuts to tighten the screws.

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More Details Fasteners Manufacturers in India

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