An Overview on How Sildenafil Works

To best understand how Sildenafil works, you must first know how a normal penile erection occurs. The penile organ has two primary functions – urination and ejaculation. In addition to that, it has the ability to get erect and get flaccid after ejaculation. There are tubes in the penile shaft that serve one purpose, which is to become erect during sexual stimulation and get back to its flaccid state once ejaculated.

Physiology of a normal penile erection

A man becomes sexually aroused through either physical or mental stimulation. The brain signals the penile organ to receive adequate blood for an erection by releasing the nitric oxide, a substance that boosts blood flow throughout the system. An adequate amount of blood remains in the tubes, causing the penile organ to sustain an erection. Once it ejaculates semen, the penile organ goes back to its flaccid state. So, a penile erection is a complex process that involves your brain, hormones, nerves, circulatory system, and the penile organ.

Men who suffer from ED have a deficiency in a specific enzyme that allows the brain to control the blood supply to the male sexual organ. This enzyme is known as phosphodiesterase, or PDE. Upon sexual stimulation, the brain communicates with the penile tubes and tells them to start producing more nitric oxide; this allows the arteries to open up and increases blood flow to the tubes, filling them up and causing an erection. PDE type 5 is actually found in the penile organ, making the science behind Sildenafil rather a bit easy to understand.

How does Sildenafil work?

After oral administration, Sildenafil gets absorbed in the body, disabling the production of the PDE-5 enzyme. This further stops the degradation of cyclic Guanosine Monophosphate (cGMP) and increases the secretion of the chemical – nitric oxide, which improves blood circulation and relaxes muscles. The arteries in the penile organ begin to dilate, allowing it to receive abundant blood for an erection. This is how an erection is promoted by Sildenafil. Remember, sexual stimulation is also essential.

From Where to Buy Sildenafil

Many years have passed since the first introduction of Sildenafil and acquiring it has become a lot easier now. Since most men with ED are too embarrassed to get the drug from a local pharmacy, they are turning to online pharmacies to buy Sildenafil Citrate online.

It is always imperative to buy prescription ED drugs from a reputable online pharmacy. You must make sure that the online pharmacy you choose is providing FDA approved medications. Thankfully, there are online pharmacies, which do offer real Sildenafil medications.

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