An Ultimate Guide For Vacuum Cups

Vacuum cups are also called suction cups, and it’s a device that works as grippers in manual or automated handling applications. However, the convum vacuum cups have a specific use in the industry, which is used to lift the object by pushing the vacuum cup onto the surface of the object. It has a flexible nature, and a vacuum has been created within the cup that enables the cup to stick to the object’s surface. As a result, the object gets lifted.

It works on a principle through which a suction cup section is placed against the object’s surface. Because a vacuum pump creates a vacuum inside the cup, the air pressure inside the cup is substantially lower than the surrounding atmosphere’s pressure. As a result, the cup is pushed against the surface by the pressure imbalance, and removal from the surface would require force. If this force, or the combined forces of numerous cups, exceeds the object’s weight, an appropriate mechanism attached to the cup can lift the thing.

Types of vacuum cups

Mainly there are two main types of vacuum cups that are listed below. Furthermore, suction cups come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from straightforward circular designs to those built for specific tasks like handling confectionery, oily sheet metal panels, porous wood, and cardboard. Flat and bellows are the two main types.

Flat cups are perfect when pliable materials need to move around very little. It has available diameters ranging from 6mm to 150mm, and the cup volumes range from 0.017 cm3 to 177 cm3.

Bellow cups are suitable for level compensation or when a vertical offset motion on curved surfaces is involved. With a comparable cup volume of 0.225 cm3 to 260 cm3, the usable diameter in this instance ranges from 10mm to 150mm.

Both variants are available in silicone rubber or nitrile rubber (NBR) (VMQ). The operating temperature range of nitrile rubber is -10C to +70C, and it has high oil resistance. Silicone Rubber offers high weather and ozone resistance and has a wide operating temperature range (-30C to +200C).

For handling curved materials like vehicle body panels, pipes and tubes, injected-molded plastic components, and nonrigid packed goods or shrink-wrapped goods, the bellows versions are frequently employed.

Both varieties are available in various shapes, such as round and oval. They can handle objects weighing from a few grams to several pounds, thanks to their range of sizes. They are also available in a variety of rubber and elastomer materials to meet diverse application needs, such as FDA-compliant cups for handling food, abrasion- and oil-resistant varieties for moving bricks, and many others.

To The Sum Up

Convum cups are the topmost vacuum pump that creates a vacuum within the object of the surface. It is used for multiple activities on a specific operation. DAS Services is the best place where you can find quality vacuum cups and Convum vacuum pads. You can visit their website to know more about them.

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