An Ultimate Guide on Bridesmaid Bouquets


“A Happy Bridesmaid Makes a Happy Bride.”

This quote by Alfred Tennyson is not far from the truth. When a bride is getting prepared for her special day, there is no doubt that she needs her best ladies by her side. Bridesmaids are the ones who have been there for the bride through thick and thin. Moreover, they join her to celebrate the big day and create beautiful memories. They help her choose her wedding dress, bouquets, decorations, and more. In order to honor these helpful beauties, who enhance the spirit of a wedding event, we have come up with a few bridesmaid bouquet ideas that could save you some time.

Size and Style

If your best friend is getting married and you are asked to be her bridesmaid, one of the first things to do before choosing bouquets is picking your bridesmaid dresses. Yes! Your bridesmaid dresses determine how your bouquets will look. For instance, select small bouquets if you have chosen short dresses, sleek dresses, or simple dresses. On the other hand, long dresses call for bigger bouquets. Also, if you are choosing a long, sheath dress, go for bouquets made with long stems and small blooms. Rounder bouquets with bigger flowers can be chosen for fuller dresses. However, the size of your bridesmaid bouquets should be similar, so the wedding photos look stylish. You can ask your Bismarck florists to customize the bouquets based on your needs.

Color Options

There are endless color options for bridesmaid bouquets. A word to the wise: you shouldn’t choose the exact color as your bridesmaid dress or no one will see the flowers. One of the best ways to choose the right color for your bridesmaid dress is to use paint swatch cards to find the best colors that complement your dress. Take this card to your florist, who will suggest flowers to complement the dress. By the way, Roberts Floral offers quick flower delivery in Bismarck as well as custom timed delivery and set-up for weddings..

Flower Types

Choosing the best type of flower for your bouquet helps to add a special touch to your wedding. Remember, some Bismarck flowers carry traditional meanings, so you can select the flowers based on their significance. For instance, red roses stand for love, while pink roses symbolize romance and happiness. Peonies are the best option to include in a wedding bouquet because they stand for romance and happy marriage. While Calla lily represents faith and purity, and ranunculus is for joy and charm.

Wrapping Up

As the women who stand by the side of the bride, the bouquet the bridesmaids carry should symbolize love and admiration. Whether you want bridesmaid bouquets in the same or different styles and colors, talk to your Bismarck florist. They will also offer same-day flower delivery Bismarck.

The author is a leading florist with over a decade of experience in the industry. In this article, he explains bridesmaid bouquets and the tips to choose them. Visit for same-day flower delivery in Bismarck.

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