And, just because no one has yet suggested it

Tapeworm- Make an encasement of OSRS gold 23 shards using a Kingworm. Gives you controlled experience. If it is killed, it will be poisoned for 10. This does not apply to the Corporeal Beast. However it is an excellent companion.

Void Splatter is a charming item which can be bought at Void Knights. When it dies, it explodes as if it were real. Army Ant gives you experience in combat Beast of Burden and scroll move summons two lower leveled Ants to attack your opponent to cause 2 damage. Panther – gives strength bonus and teleports you to Feldip hunting area.

Vyrewing- This pouch was made with the corpse from a vyrewatch. Skeletal Toroton – beast of burden; scroll move teleports you to your respawn safely. Dark Phoenix – uses magic to fight; scroll move is able to kill it, and then transfer the health of its victim to your. Black Unicorn is a healer who can heal for 3 Hitpoints daily. It can also be an animal of burden, and a scroll move that increases the strength of your character.

And, just because no one has yet suggested it, that I know of, here is one familiar that will generate opinions: Spirit Dragon. It is summoned with Blue Charm, 100 shards and Dragon Bones, and Dragon Hide of any dragon you like; requires 99 Summoning, of course. Blue dragons have a slight freezing breath, green poisons, red is regular fire attack, black is fire attack which reduces stats. This is quite cool. They could be also beasts of burden that transport you to buy RuneScape Mobile gold various places based upon the dragon you possess.

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