And THEN at 2015 – I came back into RS(3) temporarily after not having touched RuneScape at all since 2011

Spent hours on RuneScape gold tut Island making a lot of bronze daggers and swords believing I could use them simply to learn it all disappeared when you teleport to mainland. Also got lost my first time didn’t realize You Need to talk to the mage striking on a chicken before someone told me to talk to the mage so I walked all the way back to the start

I persuaded my mum When I initially started murdering cows and playing. I went to Taverley gate where I saw folks stealing cakes since that is the way into a members place I knew at the time, pushed through catherby and wolf mountain and ended up in market. I trained my thieving and proceeded back into the booth and after a few Inventories of cakes that a playermod started talking to somebody from the chat.

I know I was young but I don’t really get the way I misunderstood the roles of thieving and player moderators in RuneScape but. I logged out shortly after and said something along the lines I ran out from the marketplace and’m really sorry. I dead ass believed that a player moderator was going to ban me for thieving. I was brand new to RS, likely level 10. My cousin told me about the wilderness. Didn’t realize initially they were a higher level than me. I wound up running away from them when I discovered, thankfully until we got there.

And not knowing how combat lvls functioned and wanting mine to seem”red” (higher lvled) to people if they right clicked me. So I remember walking around lumbridge for a lvl 11, asking people”whats my battle? Is my lvl red?”.

And THEN at 2015 – I came back into RS(3) temporarily after not having touched RuneScape at all since 2011. So I went into the g/e to grab some equipment I wished to train a tiny bit of slayer. Obtained bandos chestplate and then I discovered”bandos platelegs”. Bandos platelegs are something now?! And they are so cheap dank.” So I bought them. They were worn by and for a while until I realized they were really rune platelegs?? (thanks to the RS3 graphics and me probably being high and buy RS gold most importantly, ugh).Runescape needs Gamers Place RuneScape on steam and Epic games Shop

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