Android App Development Services


With so many Android users in the world, building an application for Android smartphones and tablets is almost a must for online entrepreneurs. We’re fluent in Java and Kotlin and can help you build the desired product that will set you apart from the competition.

Build a new application from scratch for Android

We provide full-cycle custom Android application development services. This means we take care of everything that goes into building applications: requirements engineering, user experience, and user interface design, software development and quality assurance. Our delivery will end when you see your app published on Google Play.

Design intuitive and beautiful Android app with Material Design

When creating Android apps we prefer to stick to Google’s material design guidelines. The material design makes apps compelling and engaging. It provides consistency and clarity to all Android applications which translate into a better user experience. And what’s even more important, it’s much faster to design an develop a mobile app using native components.

Port your iOS application to Android

Let’s be honest. The majority of entrepreneurs who invest in mobile app development launch the first version of their app on iOS. But when it turns out that the app is something people really need, the Android version is bound to follow suit. Porting an app from iOS to Android requires deep knowledge of both platforms. And this is something we have at SteelKiwi.

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