Angular Contact Ball Bearing – the Best Choice for High-Speed Machines

Bearings are used to reduce friction and increase the performance of a mechanical system. The models of bearings are selected with the purpose and application in which it is being used. Its main application is in the automobile industry. The use of this bearing is an added advantage for the automobile industry to ensure the performance of the machine.

Bearing is a machine element that allows the motion in the desired direction. Bearings can be seen in different types. The major forms of bearings are available in Needle, Cylindrical, Spherical, Tapered, and Ball. Each type of bearings has its advantages and uses. The ring raceways are placed in the direction of the bearing axis. It is designed to accommodate radial and axial loads. As these bearings have a contact angle, they can sustain axial load in one direction with radial loads.

Ball bearings are available in different types of angular, axial, and deep groove. Though they are available in a different kind, the purpose is to reduce the friction of a mechanical system. The main use of angularcontact ball bearing is in gearboxes, pumps, and electric motors. It is used in machines that need to have more accuracy and durability. It has inner and outer ring raceways in the direction of the bearing axis. It is usually used in asymmetric races.

The angular ball bearings have high speed than radial ball bearing as it has continuous contact of the ball with both the rings.

Types of Angular Contact Ball Bearings

It can carry both radial and axial loads and depends on the number of rows used in it.

Single Row –it has a non-separable design and is suitable for high speeds. it can sustain only the axial load in one direction together with radial loads.

Double Row – in the double row angular ball bearings single row bearing has been arranged back to back back-to-back. It can carry axial load in either direction.

Four-point contact ball bearings- it saves space as these bearings have a combination of two single ball bearings into one.

The angular ball bearings are used for agriculture purposes, automobile, and utensil use. They are commonly used in material handling, machine tools, steel mills, and wind energy mills.

Advantage of Contact Bearing Balls

Compared to other bearings, contact bearing balls have certain advantages.

Can work at high speeds

If the contact angle is higher, it has the more axial load carrying capacity

The friction torque is relatively small

High rotation accuracy and low noise

The double row bearings will not cause damage and extend the service life.

It can bear both radial and axial loads at a time

Based on this advantage, angular contact ball bearings are the first choice for high-speed devices.

Author Bio: Priya Arora is an industrial engineering consultant with a specialization in bearings. He writes on the uses of various bearing types, especially the angular contact ball bearing for various websites to help readers know them better.

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