Animal Crossing Bells item duplication glitch that worried

What does this imply? Well, essentially, when you’ve updated to version 1.1.1 you may no longer be capable of carry out the Animal Crossing Bells item duplication glitch that worried two gamers – one rotating an item and another selecting it up at the equal time, which ultimately resulted in of that object appearing – one might remain out, being rotated, whilst the opposite would enter the second one player’s inventory. This may be accomplished on or offline, as long as you had -gamers, even with identical-display co-op.

This basically assist you to replica valuable objects some of instances after which in turn allowed you to sell them to repay your loans quickly – which obviously isn’t on. Tom Nook wouldn’t approve, and can even ship somebody over to destroy your kneecaps in if he found out. So Nintendo has put a prevent to it.

If you really need to hold the use of this glitch for a little while longer, you could – you could boot and play Animal Crossing New Horizons inside the preceding model, 1.1 – you can absolutely decline to put in the replace whilst booting the game. This will lock you out of online multiplayer,. however – in case you want to play on-line, you’ll should update. Once you do, there’s no going returned – the duplication glitch is gone.

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