Animal Crossing Items an interface and visual experience

The problem is that, as  Animal Crossing Items an interface and visual  experience, expand the comic effect is not ideal. Fatiguing them because they have become ubiquitous in the corporate culture, they now feel more like a workplace, rather than entertainment. Therefore, in Jianyang virtual Animal Crossing her basement comedy club, a full brick wall, a microphone, and a small space in the greenroom side. Then she got at the intersection of comedy, live performances and aesthetics combined with forest animals call work zoom mechanism.

It works like this: Yang Sen invited comedian and account other animals to her island, they are lovely in her basement comedy club organizer, and streams fed from her Nintendo switch the computer screen, viewers can watch more it came alive amplification. When it is their turn to perform, each comedian to his game avatar a small stage, standing behind a microphone.

As a material for a comedian to perform zoom, you can manipulate their roles in the game. Mori cute little animals who make such an expression of joy or alarm establish coordination jokes and witty surprise reaction. Yedoye Travis particularly well in this first show, and the game wand project includes several comedians used with caution immediate change of clothing as their material.

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