Animal Crossing: New Horizons- How to Catch Lots of Bugs in Bug off Tournament

The Bug-off tournament is a special tournament hosted by Flick in the game in which you capture lots of bugs to defeat other villagers and win exciting prizes. But catching bugs can be very challenging and frustrating in these tournaments because we get only three minutes to capture bugs, and if we don’t use these three minutes wisely, we cannot win the tournament.

So, to help you out, we are going to share with you some useful tips that will help you in capturing a lot of bugs in the bug-off tournament. So, let’s learn more about these tips in detail.

Plant Lots of Flowers on Your Island

Bugs in the game are programmed to appear near flowers. So, if you plant lots of flowers all over your island, you can easily attract lots of bugs toward them, which will allow you to easily capture several bugs during the bug-off tournament.

Although the type and color of flowers are not that important, we suggest that you plant flowers of different colors and types so that you can attract lots of unique bugs towards them. So, start planting lots of flowers, and you will never have to spend lots of time searching for bugs during the bug-off tournament.

Have a Plan

Since we get only 3 minutes for the bug-off tournament, we must have a plan to guide us during the tournament. This ensures that you do not waste your time and capture lots of bugs. While making your plan, make sure you include flower fields, woodland areas, rivers, etc. in it because bugs are programmed to appear near them. So, you must prioritize these areas in your plan if you want to capture lots of bugs.

Capture Easy-To-Catch Bugs First

The next thing that you can do to capture lots of bugs in the tournament is to catch bugs that are easy to catch. Since we only get 3 minutes for bug-off tournaments, it makes sense to capture bugs that are easy to catch like butterflies and water bugs. These bugs are easy to catch and don’t get scared easily too. So, make sure you capture these types of bugs first instead of other hard to catch bugs like beetles. Once you have captured these bugs, you can try to catch other bugs as well. But make sure you don’t scare them.

Don’t Run

If you see a bug in your flower fields, river, or any other area, don’t run towards them at full speed because this might scare them. Yes, we have limited time, but if we run toward them at full speed, it won’t benefit us because this might scare bugs, and if they get scared, they will run away. So, don’t run towards bugs at high speed. Instead, use your walking speed while approaching the bug. This will allow you to capture lots of easy to catch, rare, and unique bugs in the bug-off tournament.

Don’t Forget to Bring Extra Nets With You

Most people forget to bring additional nets with them despite knowing that their nets will get broken after some time. This can be very frustrating, especially if you don’t have lots of time left in the bug-off tournament. Always remember you cannot capture a bug with a broken or weak net. So, do bring some additional nets with you if you want to capture lots of bugs and win the bug-off tournament.


These are some of the best tips that you can use to capture lots of bugs in the Bug-off tournament. These tips might look too simple or irrelevant to you, but these tips do work. So, don’t forget to use them the next time you participate in the bug-off tournament if you want to win it.

Do you have any other tips that can help in catching bugs in the game? If yes, then do let us know about your bug-catching tips in the comment section below. We would love to hear your bug-catching tips.

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