Animal Crossing New Horizons September update

September in the northern hemisphere is about to usher in autumn. As the season changes, Animal Crossing New Horizons will also usher in major updates, mainly around the changing of the seasons.

It is still summer in early September, but as the leaves darken, weeds and trees will transition to a warm autumn palette. Timmy and Tommy will also transition Nook’s Crany to the new theme in a mood that suits them, and Tea Olives will begin to bloom. Later, Maple Leaf and Mushroom will also begin to appear.

But at the beginning of autumn, we will use acorns and pine cones. They will have their own accompanying DIY recipes, which are added to Nook Shopping’s grape harvest backpack to create an atmosphere. Players can earn more Nook Miles Tickets based on the fruits they harvest.

As always, new creatures will appear in the ocean, and rare river fish like golden trout will return. We will catch new species, which will bring us new surprises. You can also use it to pay back the money or give it to the museum.

Nintendo will release bigger updates every month. ACBellsBuy will update the content promptly to keep it consistent with Nintendo to ensure that players can Buy Nook Miles Tickets as soon as possible.

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