Another Pokemon Game under development For Mobile Gamers!

Many Pokemon fans were expecting Pokemon Sward and Shield to be the only title featuring the cute little pocket monsters for trainers around the world. But to a surprise, DeNA, a Japan-based gaming development studio has collaborated with the Nintendo to come up with a new mobile-based Pokemon game in the current fiscal tenure.

While presenting their current financial standings, DeNA claimed that they (Nintendo and DeNA) are planning to release an exclusive new game within the current fiscal year.

This exciting new game would be based on the world famous Pokemon franchise. Although no further details were mentioned related to the supposed Pokemon game, still the current fiscal year is bound to end on 31st of May 2020, so it is quite possible to witness the launch of the said title within this period.

DeNA and Nintendo have a reliable corporation amongst each other as they have developed a number of games in the past together. For instance, the collaboration between the two developers has resulted in the development of titles like Super Mario Run, Fire Emblem Heroes, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, Miitomo and the latest Mario Kart Tour.

Although Nintendo mainly focuses on the development of its Nintendo Switch games, still for sure the popularity of its cellular gaming Pokemon GO title has been on the sky-high since 2017.

As of now, the brand is looking forward to further capitalize on the classic Pokemon franchise by reintroducing a new Pokemon mobile game, but this time around the long-lasting collaboration between DeNA and Nintendo would surely reflect some new and exciting characteristics to the game.

Moreover, in comparison to console gaming, the mobile gaming industry is much more diverse and profitable due to the ease of accessibility which enables mobile players to enjoy any of their preferred titles at any given point and location. Nintendo is also setting up its foothold in the mobile gaming industry by introducing new and exciting games with some aspects of classic hits like Pokemon.

The partnership between DeNA and Nintendo has profoundly developed some of the best console games like Mario Kart and Pocket Camp. Still, the DeNA studio has actually never created any game for the mobile platform.

Considering this fact it is a sensible move by DeNA to collaborate with the Pokemon Company and Nintendo to develop a Pokemon mobile game as Nintendo has some quality experience to share due to their super duper hit mobile gaming title Pokemon GO.

In addition to the announcement made by DeNA for the development of a new Pokemon game with Nintendo, they have also suggested the development of Mario Kart Tour which is also a mobile-based game which aims to bring the well-known racing title to the mobile devices for every gamer around the globe.

Currently, no specific details are out for any of the games but surely within a span of few months much more detailed information would be out to undermine more specifications associated with both the title. Until then players can enjoy the Pokemon GO title to explore the current Detective Pikachu event in the game.

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