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Ants are like insects that live in large social groups called colonies. There are nearly 12,000 ant species available around the world.Perth is the largest city in Australia, famous for the river, beach, bell tower, and art gallery.

Most people will face these ant problems in their home, but few don’t know what to do. Are you one among them? You can approach ant removal Perth experts to get rid of all ants’ problems. This article will give you some easy tips to remove ants from your house.


1) Use liquid detergent

Normally when ants were roaming in your house, it leaves a pheromone trail. This is because the trail will help the other ants to follow up. By spraying liquid detergent and glass cleaner on the route of ants, you can remove the trail. This will stop the other ants that are following up.

2) Natural oil

Natural oil will also help to get rid of ants. You can use natural oils like lemon eucalyptus oil, neem oil, tea tree oil, peppermint essential oil and cinnamon leaf essential oil etc. You can add any of these oils into the water and mix them out.

3) Pepper

Black and red peppers repel ants. You can sprinkle this pepper on the ant’s usual routes, and also, you can sprinkle it on the entry points into the home.

4) White vinegar

White vinegar is an effective ant repellent. You can spray it directly on the ants, or you can sprinkle it on the affected surfaces. You can also mix this with the part of water because this diluted solution has a less powerful odor than white vinegar.

5) Cornstarch

This is the most effective technique to get rid of ants. You can use this when your home becomes overrun with ants. Pouring cornstarch over the ants immobilizes them. This process helps to remove the ants more easily.

Bottom line

You can also try coffee grounds, boric acid, boiling water and the steps mentioned above to remove the ants in your home. If you don’t find any solution, the most advisable steps are to contact the ant removal Perth experts to find permanent solutions.

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