Anthem Made Over $100 Million In The Month Of February

There seems to be quite a decent amount of good news surrounding the most popular franchise Anthem these days. The game was the best-selling game of the month of February, is the second best-selling game of the year of 2019, and the latest report says that the game has earned $100 million in digital revenue market since its launch on the date of February 22, exactly a month ago.

So, what does that simply imply? A few things, many of them are quite good. Namely that without knowing the exact split between physical and digital, The game Anthem has made significantly more than $100 million overall in its month of launch, which, may not be Call of Duty numbers or anything, but that is quite a solid opening for a game, which debuted to incredibly low review scores and massive technical problems at launch. But there was enough initial hype and positive word of spoken out of mouth about what does work to make it a great success. It is the second fastest-selling game of BioWare ever behind only Mass Effect 3. That is actually nothing.

These numbers also means that the Anthem game has out-earned the current trending game named Apex Legends, which brought in $93 million since its launch in the same month, even though that game is heralded as a quite larger success story, and it clearly has a much, much larger player base with over 50+ million on board.

But you may be able to spot the difference here pretty much very quickly.

Apex Legends is a completely free game, meaning that it has made a revenue of $93 million from microtransactions alone split between different store offerings, character purchases, and loot boxes. And this is before the season one battle pass came out.

The popular game Anthem, meanwhile, is making almost all of that money through $60 sales of the game itself. The similar report about the $100 million in digital revenue says that the game has made $3.5 million in microtransactions across all various different gaming platforms.

That is quite less great news. Why? Because the implication here is that microtransactions of Anthem are not particularly attractive, even though the entire model of monetization for the game post-launch is based on those kinds of different microtransactions. New armor sets and multiple cosmetics, possibly entirely new javelins to come around. Anthem is not making paid expansions or DLC like Destiny, so it has to rely entirely on this other stuff to generate quite a good amount of money, other stuff which does not seem to be selling all that quite well. If we are comparing in-game purchases alone, that is $93 million for Apex compared to $3.5 million for the Anthem game. It goes to show how far a larger player base can go in a F2P game, and how much digital revenue storefronts in BR games can actually generate.

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