Anti-Metal Tag for RFID Warehouse Management System

When the goods are stored in each link of the warehouse, the relevant information is automatically collected and recorded. The effective management of the goods packaging operation reduces the loss. The record of product quality in each production process, the rapid replacement of electronic labels, and the simple and rapid realization of products. The internal data content is protected by password, so that its content is not easy to be forged and altered. The data capacity of RFID chip is very large, and with the development of technology, the capacity will increase. Disadvantages: insufficient technical maturity. RFID technology has appeared for a short time and is not very mature in technology. Because UHF Anti-Metal Tag has the characteristics of retroreflection, it is difficult to apply it in metal, liquid and other commodities. High cost. The price of RFID electronic tag is higher than that of ordinary bar code tag, which is dozens of times of that of ordinary bar code tag. If it is used in a large amount, the cost will be too high, which greatly reduces the enthusiasm of the market to use RFID technology. The first is the container stage, which tracks and identifies containers, air freight containers, etc. through the fixed RFID reading equipment on the container.

With the rapid development of high-tech information industry and the formation of economic globalization competition, improving production mode, improving operation efficiency, reducing operating costs and improving service quality have become the top priorities of various companies. Under the current management mode, due to the information distortion and lag caused by human factors in the transmission of asset change information, the accounts and actual accounts cannot be synchronized and consistent, resulting in a large number of idle assets and waste, which seriously affects the authenticity of financial reports. As a bridge between the physical world and the existing IT system, bar code technology can effectively integrate the daily asset management activities with the asset management system, so as to achieve the synchronization of physical information and system information. Therefore, it is possible to establish a set of asset management system based on bar code technology to realize automatic management. Fixed assets, as an important part of enterprise assets, together with enterprise funds and intangible assets, constitute enterprise value. The proportion of fixed assets in the total value of enterprise assets varies according to different industries, ranging from 20% to 75%. As an integral part of enterprise management, due to the characteristics of high value, long service life and scattered use locations, it is not easy to achieve one-to-one correspondence of accounts, cards and materials in actual work, which brings certain difficulties to the use, supervision, change, replacement, loss, inventory and clearing of physical objects. It has a direct and close impact on the data report statistics, asset structure analysis, asset evaluation and enterprise listing and reorganization based on it, which has important practical significance for the rapid development of enterprises.

As a composite equipment integrating software and hardware, PDA products are constantly upgraded with the development of software, hardware and communication technology. With the development of related technologies and the continuous enrichment of application scenarios, printable, barcode scanning, fingerprint identification, IC card reading, GPS positioning and other functions came into being, and the functions and convenience are also increasing day by day. At least the high-frequency electromagnetic wave receiving effect of the Anti-metal RFID Tag shall not be affected or rarely affected. The method of fixing to the object to be identified is simple and firm, without obvious damage to the object. Beautiful appearance, harmonious for the object to be identified, and meet the requirements of safety and environmental protection. The advantages of saw RFID. As SAW devices work in the RF band, they are passive and have strong anti electromagnetic interference ability. Therefore, the electronic tag realized by SAW technology has certain unique advantages and is a supplement to the integrated circuit (IC) technology. The data of each operation link such as inventory is automatically collected, so that the speed and accuracy of data in each link of warehouse management are more intelligent, and it is convenient for enterprises to manage stored goods.

Asset management includes operations such as asset addition, transfer, collection, scrap, repair and inventory. Fixed asset management is an important part of enterprise management. Fixed assets have the characteristics of high value, long service life and difficult management. To solve these problems, the system uses bar code technology to realize the information management of fixed assets. The fixed assets management system includes asset addition, change, scrap, lending, return, allocation of operating department, operating department change, management personnel setting, asset exchange between departments, printing of various reports, combined query, etc. For each fixed asset, you can query all the information of the asset from purchase, posting, putting into use, operating department, depreciation, and out of use, and can record it in detail. The dynamic query function can ensure that the management personnel can master the information in time. The batch depreciation of assets can reduce a lot of repetitive work and ensure the accuracy of data. Automatic report preparation and printing is fast and accurate, which can save a lot of time for manual report preparation. The fixed assets management system integrates the original decentralized management information into a management platform with overall functions.

Visual warehouse in / out management mainly covers warehouse in and warehouse out of goods (pallets). The intelligent warehouse management system shall be able to realize the visual management of warehouse real-time data in the management center. Truly realize the synchronization of real logistics and data flow. It not only increases the number of goods processed in a day, but also monitors all the information of the goods. Among them, there are various forms of application. UHF anti-metal rfid tag suppliers can be pasted on goods and read and written by readers on forklifts and at corresponding positions in warehouses; Barcode and electronic label can also be used together. Sales channel management, the establishment of strict and orderly channels, and the efficient management of purchase, sales and inventory are the strong needs of many enterprises. The product is embedded with an electronic label during the production process, which contains a unique product number. The manufacturer can monitor the flow of the product with an identifier. Wholesalers and retailers can identify the legitimacy of the product with a reader provided by the manufacturer. Interface with related systems (mes/wcs/sap). The warehouse management system should not be an independent system. Through certain interfaces, relevant data should be able to interact with the existing production management (MES), EPR (SAP), customer system (WCS) and other related systems of the enterprise in a timely manner, so as to meet the actual management needs of the enterprise.

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