Anti-Microbial Natural Additives

We use our own proprietary process and formula which as resulted in a superior product.

Nexus Protein Crispies have better texture and flavor than any other plant-based crispies on the market. We can also custom manufacture your desired protein source, protein percentage and desired texture.

Nexus Protein Crispies taste absolutely delicious, whilst also providing the ultimate texture solution, protein and amino acid solution, while catering to high growth consumer groups such as vegetarians, vegans or consumers with allergies.  Anti-Microbial Natural Additives

Available in both Non-GMO Corn or Tapioca, FiberWorks™ is a Non GMO “clean label” all-natural plant based soluble fibre.

It is used in foods and beverages to replace sugars and fats, increase bind ability and to increase nutritional fiber claims.

FiberWorks™ has greater than 89% dietary fiber by AOAC testing. FiberWorks™ can be added to increase fiber content, whilst improving texture & taste. Unlike other prebiotic fibers, FiberWorks™ has No Blood Glucose Spikes & No Adverse Gut Reaction. Keep Food Moist

FiberWorks™ maintains Lower Water Activity Compared to Other Fibres.

FiberWorks™ increases production yields, reduces rejection rates & produces fresher products.

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