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Can the GBC Swingline LX20-30 Cross-Cut Shredder Do What you Need? Technology Articles | January 11 Chris Wondolowski USA Jersey , 2011

The GBC Swingline LX20-30 Cross-Cut Shredder appears to be a solid machine with very competitive specs relative to the competition. Used properly I’m not sure why you wouldn’t have this machine …

The GBC Swingline LX20-30 Cross-Cut Shredder appears to be a solid machine with very competitive specs relative to the competition. Used properly I’m not sure why you wouldn’t have this machine for quite some time. Below we break down the individual specs.


At a level 3 security, this cross-cut shredder gets the job done. Although there are higher levels of security, a level 3 machine provides a sufficiently small cut size to put your identity theft worries to bed. We also like the cross-cut because it takes up much less space which means that you won’t have to empty your bin as frequently as you would with a strip-cut machine. There is really no reason to jump up to a level 4 machine unless you have some ultra-sensitive documents you need destroyed.

Shredable Material

The GBC Swingline LX20-30 Cross-Cut Shredder can shred CDs Chris Pontius USA Jersey , Credit Cards, DVDs, Paper. If you need to be able to shred something else then we recommend that you look at a larger machine andor look for something with a little bit lower security (the higher the security the less likelihood that the machine shreds something other than paper).

Continuous Motor

This shredder is rated for continuous operation. That means that theoretically you could shred all day long and the machine would not have to shut-down to cool off. Remember that results may vary under real-world operating conditions and things such as the temperature of the room will affect the ability of this motor to stay cool and continue to shred. We give this machine 2 pats on the back for being rated continuous duty and we know that you’ll appreciate this feature in due time.

Bin Size

The GBC Swingline LX20-30 Cross-Cut Shredder has a 30 gallon bin. We’re happy with this size because it will give you a bit more time between emptying your bin. Although the size may make it difficult to fit this shredder in a tight space Bobby Wood USA Jersey , it’s always worth it in the long run to get a bigger bin size and move your office around a bit.

Throat Size

The 10 inch throat on this machine gives you a little bit of breathing room when you’re shredding regular size paper and the option to shred a few odd shaped things. If you really have large paper, then you’ll need to look at machine with something larger than a 10″ throat.


The GBC Swingline LX20-30 Cross-Cut Shredder comes with a Lifetime on cutter, 2 years on machine. This means that you have plenty of time to test out the machine and make sure that everything is running smoothly. Just make sure to properly care for your machine and you shouldn’t have any issues.


With an MSRP of $ 2 Blank USA Jersey ,449.00 this shredder is not the cheapest around but remember to NEVER pay the full amount. You can find discounts of up to 50% off if you look around on the web.

About the Manufacturer

ACCO Brands Corporation became an independent publicly traded company on August 17, 2005. The Company was formed through the spin-off of the ACCO World office products unit of Fortune Brands (NYSE: FO) and its subsequent merger with General Binding Corporation (GBC). This transaction brought together the complementary businesses, brands and strengths of ACCO and GBC to form the world’s largest supplier of branded office products – a global office products powerhouse. As a highly focused office products company Bill Hamid USA Jersey , we are now uniquely positioned to capitalize on the opportunities for growth in our industry.

Manufacturer Jargon

Jam Free technology prevents paper jams for no-mess, no-time-wasted operation. Overload indicator light illuminates red if too many sheets are inserted. Cross-cut shred style provides medium security. Robust and powerful Jam Free performance for high volume areas, Security level 3 – perfect for confidential and strategic documents.

So as I mentioned before Antonee Robinson USA Jersey , we think that the GBC Swingline LX20-30 Cross-Cut Shredder is a worthy competitor and deserves a second look. If you have more specific questions I didn’t answer here, feel free to give us a call and we’d be happy to help you out. I also wanted to remind you that real-world conditions do not always produce the same results that you might expect from the listed specs. Happy Shredding!

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