Any MMORPG where combat isn’t the focus like Runescape?

I know Runescape is not concentrated on Combat at all if you do not need to RuneScape gold but there are practically no games I know of who are like Runescape in this regard. Before anybody states this, I am not asking for a 0 percent combat game or a sport where there is no combat. What is that the developers want gameplay or some end game to have no battle. Comparable to Runescape.

A lot of the content like quests, where combat is included by more than half of these to varying levels. Like Runescape. Content concentrated around Combat is made by the developers. Arguably most of it’s tied to combat regardless of what, but there is content where combat is of it. Thats what I mean. Developer designed lots of it, and end game content in which Combat isn’t the attention. That’s what I am searching for. Perhaps not the”You CAN go into any game and just jump around you know?” No. That’s not exactly what I’m talking about because the programmer creates content most likely around battle. So that does not match my criteria.

This, there are private servers running different versions of RuneScape. How populated is it? I understand having people isn’t much of a factor in case your getting”fun now” but I’m curious nevertheless. As someone who’s never had a chance to play with that game. There is really 2 distinct variations of RuneScape, since RuneScape was revamped after the success of WoW. There is 1 main populated project for each version of RuneScape, as well as a few projects. Active people numbers are difficult to estimate for both, but you can check their sites and see that the RuneScape player count. The old version sits about 600-800 RuneScape players, largely afk, and the newer one usually hits around 1-1.5k RuneScape players logged in to 2-3 characters at the Same Time

Swgemu is the sandbox-y version that is more and older a lot of RuneScape players grew up with. I would not recommend it to a RuneScape participant, as the community is inactive. Swg Legends is the updated and active edition. They hold fairly regular events for new and RuneScape 2007 gold returning RuneScape gamers where you can meet team members, find guilds, ask questions, and find some solid starting gear. The staff on this project is quite hit-or-miss, though it has gotten much better over the last calendar year. Certainly worth checking out version, as it. A great deal people are trying to find the next SWG.

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