Apex Legends Game is Crashing on Launch on PC? Here are the Fixes

Apex Legends is one of the best shooter battle royale games that is popular all over the world. It is available on all major platforms like Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Many users are reporting that they are facing launching issues with Apex Legends. Is your game crashing on launch on PC? If yes, then read on and check out the fixes given below.

Run the Game as an Administrator

You can run the game as an administrator by pursuing these steps mentioned below:

  1. First, you need to go to Windows Search.
  2. After that, input ‘Apex Legends’ into it and select the OK button.
  3. Once it’s open, right click on it, then choose the ‘Open file location’ option.
  4. Select the ‘Apex Legends EXE’ and right-click on it, then choose the Properties option.
  5. You should choose the setting of ‘Run this program as an administrator.’
  6. Navigate to the option of ‘Disable fullscreen optimizations’ and select it.
  7. Later, hit the Apply button.
  8. Now, click on the button of OK to shut the screen.

Disable the Windows Firewall

You should disable the Windows Firewall by pursuing these steps mentioned below:

  1. Hold the Windows and S buttons simultaneously to invoke the Search section.
  2. Thereafter, insert ‘firewall’ into it and select the OK button.
  3. You should choose the ‘Windows Defender Firewall’ option to launch its Control Panel applet.
  4. Select the ‘Turn Windows Defender Firewall on or off’ option to launch the options.
  5. Later, choose the radio buttons of ‘Turn off Windows Defender Firewall.’
  6. Now, hit the OK button.

Choose the Repair Option For Apex in Origin

You should choose the repair option for Apex in Origin by pursuing these steps mentioned below:

  1. Launch the Origin client software on your system.
  2. After that, select the ‘My Game Library’ option in Origin.
  3. Go to the Apex Legends and right-click on it to launch its context menu. .
  4. Now, click on the option of Repair.

Fix Easy Anti-Cheat

You should fix easy anti-cheat by pursuing these steps mentioned below:

  1. Hold the Windows and E buttons simultaneously to launch the File Explorer.
  2. Then launch the folder of Origin Games into the File Explorer.
  3. You should launch the subfolder through the folder of Origin Games.
  4. After that, launch the subfolder of ‘EasyAntiCheat.’
  5. Select the ‘EasyAntiCheat_Setup’ to invoke the screen of ‘Anti-Cheat Service Setup.’
  6. Later, hit the button for Repair Service.
  7. Now, select the button of Finish.

Install the Apex Legends and Origin Again

You should install the Apex Legends and Origin again by pursuing these steps mentioned below:

  1. First, you need to launch the ‘Win + X’ menu.
  2. Then click on the Run option.
  3. You should type ‘appwiz.cpl’ into it and select the OK button to invoke the ‘Programs and Features’ option.
  4. Reach the Uninstaller screen and choose ‘Apex Legends.’
  5. Hit the button of ‘Uninstall/Change’ for Apex.
  6. You have to click on the Yes button on any verification pop-up to delete the game.
  7. Additionally, uninstall the ‘Origin game client.’
  8. Then reboot the Windows once you have uninstalled the software.
  9. Now, download Origin once more.
  10. Later, install Origin again using its setup wizard.
  11. Now, invoke the page of Origin download in Origin Store.
  12. Finally, you need to download the game and install it again.

After following the solutions mentioned above, you will be able to play Apex Legends on your Pc without any issues or glitches.

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