Respawn had to face a significant backlash from the entire gaming community as their latest 1.1 patch turned out to be infected with a glitch and those players who installed this update had to face a significant reset for their in-game account.

The patch 1.1 did not impact on any other aspect of the title but the glitch in the game affected on the resource files which were programmed to ascertain the level of players and resulted in setting the player account level to zero.

This bug also impacted on the content purchased or unlocked by players during their previous gameplay and made players progress again from the bottom to reach towards the top of leaderboard.

Feedback regarding the faulty patch update was gradually spreading across the social networking platforms. And within few hours from the launch of the patch 1.1 the developer team at Respawn shut down their servers and announced that they are fully aware of the ongoing crises and the developer team has already started to run down checks to identify the root cause of the current Level reset issue.

Currently it is not clear what exactly was the patch 1.1 programmed for, but certainly, some sort of mistake in the coding has resulted in a complete reset for players who installed it.

Respawn has confirmed that their 1.1 update resulted in a complete account reset for many players and the developers at Respawn have taken notice of this problem. The primary cause of this problem is most probably due to the switching of player accounts to a new server from the old server.

Possibly specific code is blocking the transfer of account resource files due to which many players accounts have been completely reset to zero which is resulting in gamers unable to see their cosmetic items and in-game currency.

But the support team at Respawn has assured the Apex Legends fans should not panic due to the ongoing issue in the game and soon the servers will come back online for layers to access with their complete in-game content.

But some guidelines have also been provided to the gamers that they should not make any purchases in the game before the ongoing problem is resolved as it could be possible that their transactions may cause some additional problems.

So Apex Legends players should not make any payments or transactions in the game until the Level one reset issue is resolved. The servers of Apex Legends title would soon come back online for fans to enjoy their in-game content and new season 1.

Hopefully, the new patch would also feature a new vehicle in the game to cover up long distances in much less time, let’s see what new content would the reprogrammed 1.1 patch proved players with and how would it help in improving the in-game interactions.

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