API 5L X72 PSL1 Pipe Manufacturer in India

Tirox Steel is a well-known API 5L X72 PSL1 pipe manufacturer in India. We manufacture API 5L X72 PSL1 pipes of exceptional strength and unsurpassed durability. The quality of each API 5L X72 PSL1 pipe that we manufacture, is evaluated at each stage of production. We are also a renowned API 5L X72 PSL2 pipe manufacturer in India. We are also an esteemed Carbon Steel  pipe manufacturer in India. Tirox Steel also deals in API 5L X72 PSL2 Pipe, Carbon Steel Pipe, Carbon Steel Tube, etc. Tirox Steel S.P.A is a  leading company offering a variety of products in the ferrous & non-ferrous category. We offer only high quality products that can be ordered by any client in any part of the world. We manufacture products with the latest equipment and technology to provide 99.99% precision and best quality. The raw material used for production is of premium quality.



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Produce source: API 5L X72 PSL1 pipe manufacturer

Website: https://tiroxsteel.com/

Phone: +919930797989 

E-Mail: sales@tiroxsteel.com


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