App Thinning and the App Thinning Guideline

Using the App Thinning Guideline, mobile app developers can save space on their devices. App thinning is a process that optimizes apps for a particular device. This allows developers to use the full capabilities of the device without consuming excessive disk space. This can make entry-level devices more valuable.

App thinning is done by identifying the device type and downloading assets only when they are needed. This makes the download process faster. In addition, the app can be downloaded with a minimum amount of disk space. This is especially important for devices that run on limited memory.

This also enables developers to create apps that can accommodate future updates. App thinning helps developers keep their apps under OTA size limits. It also reduces the amount of cellular data users use. This is especially important in emerging markets, where smartphones may not have enough storage.

There are different types of app thinning that are available to developers. The first is based on a feature called on demand resources. This lets tvOS apps download content when they are needed. This can be especially useful for games with multiple levels. It also allows users to download content when they purchase a feature. These resources can be hosted on the App Store.

Another type of app thinning is called app slicing. This is done by using Sprite Atlases. These resources combine asset catalogs with SpriteKit. These assets are pre-fetched from code and delivered to the devices that need them. This makes the download process faster and more efficient. In addition, Xcode enables this type of app thinning automatically when a project uses the default asset catalogs.

Another type of app thinning involves recycling code. This is done by tagging code for a specific variant of the asset catalog. It also allows developers to delete code when it is no longer needed. The App Store will then distribute that code to other devices. This can be used to optimize apps for different architectures. This helps developers get the most out of future processor optimizations.

Another type of app thinning, called asset slicing, allows developers to optimize their apps for different devices. This will allow them to use the full capabilities of their devices while still having enough space for the app. This can make apps more optimized for emerging markets. It can also help reduce the size of a single app by 20-40 percent. The App Store will handle the bulk of the app thinning process, but developers can still generate reports based on this information.This can help developers identify whether their app is using the app thinning guideline.

App thinning also includes bitcode. This is a new way that Apple is optimizing applications. Bitcode allows the App Store to recompile apps when necessary. This allows the App Store to optimize apps, speed up downloads, and ensure that applications work on different architectures. When an application is built using bitcode, it automatically compiles for the latest compiler. Nurture will be the best choice for you if you need Mobile app development Fredericton.

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