Apparently one of the most straightforward RuneScape abilities

As shown on the map above, Konar quo Maten is situated in the north-west region of the Zeah region of the Kahlith settlement located on the summit of Mount Karuulm Cheap OSRS Gold. They’re identified on the world map with a pale skull to signify their position as a Slayer Master. They are in front of the chest.

The quickest way to reach this part of the map is with the Rada’s Blessing 3 or 4 teleport. If you do not possess this teleport, think about using the fairy ring code c-i r or rubbing the Skills Necklace and selecting the Farming Guild teleport.

The requirements for receiving a slayer task from Konar is a minimum combat level of 75 and you’ll need to be a member to access this area of the Zeah continent. Take note that it’s worth noting that you can get membership by purchasing bonds through earning coins during game.

Unlike many other Slayer Masters, Konar’s tasks have players go to an exact spot to take down monsters. In turn, players can be awarded a Brimstone Key at the end of their mission as a drop. The drop rate on these keys is contingent on the degree of combat the monster to be killed but it ranges between one-fifty and one-hundred.

Brimstone Keys can then be delivered to a treasure chest next to Konar where the players can collect rewards that boost their profit rs gold 2007. The average key is worth around 103,000 gold. So it’s definitely worth cashing it in at the end of your quest.

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