Apple Asks Customers to Wait to Pick Their Repaired Devices Until Retail Stores Open

A spokesperson of Apple, while talking to Business Insider, confirmed that the Apple customers who have not picked their devices brought to the retail stores of Apple would have to wait until the Apple stores reopen. Further, the spokesperson said that Apple announced officially to close all its stores based outside China on March 14 amidst the significant health issue outbreak. But it was made clear to the people that the Apple stores were remained open for two days even after March 14. The decision to keep the stores open for two days was taken for the convenience of customers so that they could pick up their devices from the stores.

Meanwhile, the company and the representative of Apple tried their best to contact the customers who have left their devices for repair at Apple stores through many sources. The spokesperson said that the company representatives tried to contact the people through emails and phones regarding their accessories, and many of the customers turned to collect the devices. However, it is also quite clear that many of the customers missed the phones and emails of the company and could not receive the tools. It also seems that the time of two days was quite not enough for some customers, and they could not collect the devices.

The spokesperson further mentioned that those customers who could not collect their devices such as Macs, iPhones, and Apple watches would have to wait for an undisclosed time.  The spokesperson of Apple announced that the stores would open on March 27, but later the company announced that the stores would remain closed till further notice. The decision of Apple to keep its stores closed until further notice had aggravated the problems of those customers who had not picked up their devices in the two days when the stores were opened. Such customers have to, unfortunately, wait for some unknown period as it is not clear that when Apple will open its stores.

The company is continuously in touch with those customers whose devices were sent to the repairs centers of Apple so they could collect the devices. It is not possible for the company to get the devices shipped to its customers through regular routes due to the current scenario all across the globe. Meanwhile, the company has not shared or any information that when it will reopen the repair stores but according to the written memo by the head of human resource and retail stores department of Apple, Deirdre O’Brien the company may start opening its repair stores all across the globe in the first half of April.

Amidst the worsening situation of significant health issue outbreak all across the globe, the company has closed almost 458 its retail stores based in Taiwan, Hong Kong, or in other parts outside of China for an indefinite period. The company has also extended remote work facilities and work from home for its employees outside of China. O’Brien further said that the health of the customers, team members, and communities is essential for the company and so the company has taken the decision. The company has also arranged millions of masks for donating to the professionals of health care and the employees.

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