Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro has a Similar Feature like Nokia Lumia 1020

Apple is the most trusted and popular brand among all of its users. Whenever the company launches any new series of its devices or operating system, it always provides some fantastic new features to its users. The brand has always served its customers with their best devices. Every time, it tries to improvise the technology in their devices to provide the best experience to its users. The iPhone 11 Pro is also one of the most excellent smartphones designed by Apple. It was released back in the year 2019. And now the brand is expected to launch the next series of its smartphone, which is iPhone 12 with some amazing advanced features. But, you know, there are some features in the smartphones of the other brands that can give a fierce competition to the iPhone 11 Pro. Yes. That’s true. And that other brand of smartphone is none other than Nokia. However, unfortunately, the company is not that famous in today’s time. But, that doesn’t mean that it is less than the other brands. This company has also performed well as the other brands are doing right now. And here, in our following article, today we are going to compare one certain feature of both the smartphones namely iPhone 11 Pro and Nokia Lumia 1020 based on which you will be able to justify that feature of one of the smartphones between both. Please read the full article to know more.

All About the Smartphones of iPhone 11 Pro and Nokia Lumia 1020

Both the brands of smartphones, namely, Apple and Nokia, are best at their places. But when it comes to preferences, then most people prefer to have Apple’s iPhone. Undoubtedly, Apple knows how to keep its fans on their toes. But here, let’s not be biased while comparing the features of both the smartphones. Let’s start by discussing the features of the iPhone 11 Pro first.

Features of Apple iPhone 11 Pro

As claimed by the company, its Pro handsets are the first iPhones that are powerful enough to be called by the name of “Pro”. Now it has been a year since its launch, and people are still unable to get over the features of this smartphone. However, looking at its design, this model of the iPhone appears very similar to its older generation smartphone, namely iPhone X and XS phones. The device has a much brighter display of 5.8 inches of OLED. This model was best suited to those users who are not used to the bigger screen phones as it easily allows them for one-hand usage. The front of the phone has a new frosted matte finish that gives a fantastic texture to the model. Along with this, Apple had tried to bring some significant changes to this model of iPhone that included improved battery life, and faster processor called A13 Bionic. But, it’s triple camera setup is the most significant and noticeable improvement in this iPhone. Besides that, this latest “Pro” smartphone comes with a wide, ultra-wide, and telephoto lens that has a 12MP sensor. When this iPhone was launched, Apple had brought a new computational photography process in its model named Deep Fusion. It has an A13 chip that enables its users to capture many explores together at a real fast speed to create a picture that gives a high level of detail. Not only this, but it also has a night mode feature that enables you to capture clear and bright images, even in the low light. Portrait mode with some new effects is also included in its features. In clear words, the phone enables you to capture sharper pictures. All the cameras of the iPhone 11 Pro including the three rear cameras can record videos at 4K resolutions standing at up to 60 fps.

So, this was about the advanced features of our popular smartphone of iPhone 11 Pro. When it was launched, this great smartphone ruled all over the market. And now Apple is going to launch iPhone 12. It will be interesting to see how far this upcoming model of iPhone will go to meet the expectations of its users. Now, let’s head to the features of Nokia Lumia 1020 that is a seven years old model of Nokia but is still performing better like the other smartphones.

Features of Nokia Lumia 1020

Released back in the year of 2013, Nokia Lumia 1020 has some really interesting features that we are going to observe here. Nokia Lumia has a display of 4.4 inches with an AMOLED capacitive touch screen along with 16M colors and resolutions of 768 x1280. This smartphone was equipped with the processor of the Dual-Core 1.5GHz Krait CPU. However, it has not enough RAM as compared to the smartphone of the iPhone 11 Pro. But, speaking of its camera features, it can easily compete with the camera features of the iPhone 11 Pro. Nokia Lumia has an impressive 41-megapixel rear camera along with a 1.2-megapixel selfie camera. Well, this is an exceptional feature of this smartphone. Besides this, it has a non-removable battery with a capacity of 3190 mAh that is very much similar to the iPhone 11 Pro. Overall, the camera feature of this smartphone was well suited to the photographers who didn’t want to carry those compact cameras with them for photography.

So, this was a small description of the smartphones of iPhone 11 Pro and Nokia Lumia 1020. Concluding based on their features, there’s no doubt that the iPhone is and will always be the dominant one. Well, that is justifiable because of the specifications that it has within itself. But, looking at the camera of Lumia, ignoring its camera features will not be convenient. But, I hope that with this descriptive comparison, you can justify the features of both the smartphones.

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Source : Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro has a Similar Feature like Nokia Lumia 1020

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