Application Of BIM Technology In Aluminum Template

At present, BIM (building information model) technology has become a research and application hotspot of information technology in the construction field, and the application of BIM technology on the construction site has also been gradually tapped.

1 Introduction of Aluminum Formwork

1.1 Why use aluminum template

Aluminum template, also known as aluminum alloy template, as the name suggests is a building template made of aluminum alloy. The aluminum alloy formwork system has the advantages of easy installation and dismantling, the turnover times can reach more than 120 times, the appearance quality of the concrete can reach the effect of fair-faced concrete, and its flatness and verticality meet the requirements of the “Construction Quality Acceptance Code for Concrete Structure Engineering”. Promotion of energy-saving and environmentally friendly products.

In the process of aluminum alloy template processing, the addition of peroxidation treatment and powder spraying process effectively solved the quality defects of pores, pits and peeling on the concrete surface generated by high temperature oxidation in the initial application stage of aluminum molds. The quality of concrete appearance is guaranteed, and the overall quality of the project is improved.

Aluminum formwork design, R & D and construction application is a major development in the construction industry. Gold standard aluminum formwork is also in accordance with the needs of the national society, to create professional green construction, green building, environmental protection, energy saving, and efficient construction of industry-leading building aluminum formwork .

Compared with the traditional operation of the glued template, the aluminum alloy template has the following characteristics:

1) Conducive to environmental protection, saving wood and protecting forests;

2) The template can be reused many times, good surface forming;

3) The size error is small;

4) Less debris, easy to stack;

5) Less waste generated during construction is beneficial to civilized construction.

1.2 Defects of traditional construction methods

However, the traditional aluminum template matching diagram is only marked with the number of the aluminum mold, but it does not show the detailed stitching relationship. The learning cost is high, and the workers cannot understand the placement of the aluminum mold. And the existence of inclined beams, the plane can not express the positional relationship among them. And due to the deviation of the template and the assembly drawing from the location on the site, there are many acts of randomly cutting the aluminum mold on the site. The cost and duration of aluminum molds may not be much higher than wood molds.

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