Application Techniques For Sunscreens

Regular usage of sunscreen is indispensable, especially for those people who spend a major portion of the day outdoors. This is because sunscreen products offer protection against premature aging of the skin, brown spots, wrinkles, and skin cancer, to cite a few.

Here, it is crucial to understand that these products can be of help only when they are applied properly. This article will provide details related to the right application techniques for sunscreen that provide maximum benefits.

• Firstly, it is necessary to know that the SPF of the sunscreen selected needs to be a minimum of 30. Also, it’s preferable that the sunscreen product should pertain to the “broad spectrum” category. Adherence to these two aspects ensures that you obtain full protection against the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

• The quantity of sunscreen applied on the skin, at a time, should be in the range of two tablespoons. You have to make sure that the cream is properly smeared on all parts of the skin that are exposed to the sun. Likewise, when sunscreens in the form of a spray are considered, it has to be ensured that the liquid is sprayed evenly over the skin.

• It must be noted that roughly 20 minutes are required for the sunscreen to get absorbed by the skin. And, if you have put sunscreen on your lips, you then have to wait for at least 45 minutes before going outside. Therefore, you are advised to apply it accordingly, so that you are safeguarded as soon as you step outdoors. But, no such time-related specifications are there for physical sunscreens, as these variants start working immediately after application.

• Extra care needs to be taken by individuals having the issue of hair loss where bald spots are visible on the scalp. To be clearer, they are necessary to apply sunscreen even on these spots.

• This is another salient point that should not be ignored. When you have just completed a session of vigorous physical exercise or swimming, sunscreen has to be applied again.

• This guideline is specific to persons, whose everyday routine demands that they have to be present outdoors for a major part of the day. Here, it’s desirable that the sunscreen should be applied at regular intervals.

• Before you take out the sunscreen, shake the bottle/container thoroughly. This ensures that the particles within get aptly mixed and you get the desired outcome from the product.

• A key fact of sunscreen use is worthy of special mention. Several people don’t apply enough sunscreen on their skin, to prevent an excessive amount of it from being used. Such people don’t benefit much from the product. In light of this, even if you feel that the sunscreen spread over the skin slightly exceeds the ideal quantity, you mustn’t get worried. This extra layer will only do good for you.

The usage of sunscreen only complements the other measures that you take to remain protected against the sun. Using sunscreen, all alone, can’t keep you safe for longer when other key aspects are ignored. Sunscreen is helpful when you stick to things like wearing a hat/cap and sunglasses and having UPF clothes on your person. The erroneous notion that opting for a sunscreen product allows you to forget other precautions is best discarded.

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