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Packaging Safe Safety, Swan, Dixi, can be separated from the team next year
In the last year of Beijing October 11, most players will express future uncertainty, but confirm that they will not leave the team is another matter.

After the team got 2 wins and 0, Kudevil became the team’s taller’s coach in the superb bowl. But now they have suffered two joints, including the thrown of the same district, the dead enemy in the same district, will be lost in Thanksgiving. If the playoffs are playing today, they will go home to fish.

Saka is not a Salunan, and the Salunam may be the most calculated person in NFL (although his performance in the super bowl has been sick). After being taught by Salina Han, Matt Ryan has put the Salunhan offensive system in mind, and you can estimate who is not guarded, and then quickly pass the ball. He last season’s data (69.9% of the passing rate, each offense), the 9.3 yards, 117.1 passers-by) is the highest in the past eight seasons. Salina Han is now the head coach of 49 people in San Francisco, but the Falcon did not abandon his offense system & mdash; & mdash; the other people in the coach team passed all this to Sausa. So far, Sakuch has established a good relationship with his personality charm and quadruping. Dan Shuai said: “Their relationship is good, Matt is very careful about what he likes, Saka is doing well in familiar with this.”

When asked how many in the camp before the visit he will participate in the project, Sano said: “I can not train due to injury for each project I have to spend a lot of time to rest but I only able to recover 40 yards training..”

Clinton Dix said: “Now, I will be played in the last game. I don’t think I can stay here next year. This is my opinion, I need to be honest with myself. But the game is a game The field is playing down, even if it has been behind, it is necessary to complete the task on the field. I have to do my best. ”

At the end of September, Kudeville was considered to have completed it for many years with the lions, and his coach position would not be easy after the season. However, multiple message sources are indicated, and this is not the case.

In fact, Codewell did complete the renewal with the lions a few months ago, but the team did not disclose specific details. Kudeville and the lion were completed just a 1 year, and there is a contract option in next session. Today, the lion has not decided to Coordwell’s future, at least in the end of the season.

There are teams have privately expressed concerns about the history of Sanoh injuries. After the 2018 season he had received shoulder and toe surgery. He sometimes played with injuries. 2018 season, he played nine games last season, he played in 11 games.

External candidate to take over Ravi ska – core muscles Sanoh will undergo surgery
Ravi small ska from the University of Colorado – Sanoh (Laviska Shenault Jr.) is one of the best wide receivers in this draft, but according to informed sources, he needs to accept the core muscles surgery.

The fifth year contract option for the 2014 first round show before the packaging worker, pays him a salary of 5.957 million US dollars. To know, the previous three first rounds of Drek-Sherord, Nick Perry and Datone Jones did not get this treatment.

“Of course it is difficult,” Sano said in previously talked about the injury. “But I love the sport, do not want a truce. I just want to be a team player. As I said, I love this sport, so I have to continue to play with injuries, wounding continue fighting as much as possible complete the attack. ”

Wild Morka Wei Turibu: Be ready to participate in training camp
After six weeks of guns in the leg, Denver Yamiwei Aquari-Tarib (AQIB Talib) had some lame, but he plans to participate in the training camp held at the end of this month.

Dallas police released the survey report this month, “unknown suspect” injured Tarib. This report also pointed out that the police found a gram of marijuana, but no one was sued. The alliance is also investigating the matter, and Taribab may face a league penalty.

Yes, human beings are like this, when emotions and honor are hit, the pain is too heavy. I still have a very clear, I remember that the Falcon’s Safety Weika – Allen Allen stood in the sponsorse, and the champion who had just lost, he said that the heart is broken, this kind of pain is always Proud him. They are so close to the champion, you may never have such a good opportunity.

Piece Turk is regarded as the patriot “Kaifeng Yuanxun”, and the fans of the best main coaches in history are not a few. Through the pre-match interview and the demonstration solution, Romo won the coach that won the super bowl of this six times.

Romo said: “He is completely not afraid of breaking the rules, and the league does not have a few teams to do. He will choose the player who can adjust your own weekly. & Hellip; & hellip; he and Brian Flores (Brian flores ) The destinatory group of coal teaches is the best in my eyes. Last year, the Emirates, the chief has not been able to do it. The two teams have a very good offensive group, but Bellchk makes people more impressive. “

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