ApplyAlberta: A Brief Introduction

Home to the ice-capped peaks of the Canadian Rockies, Alberta is a welcoming community internationally renowned for its world-class universities, research facilities, and bustling industrial scene. In order to streamline the application process to Alberta’s best public post-secondary institutes, ApplyAlberta is an online application portal established by the provincial government of Alberta and the province’s public tertiary educational institutes, enabling students from all over the world who wish to study in Canada to apply to Alberta’s public colleges and universities in a hassle-free manner. Additionally, ApplyAlberta also functions as a transcript transfer system by authorizing the transfer of transcripts of any of Alberta’s high school or post-secondary institutes.

Benefits of ApplyAlberta for students

  •         By allowing first-time users to create their own profile containing their requisite personal and academic information, ApplyAlberta simplifies the admission process as this information is auto-filled during any subsequent applications made by the students.
  •         ApplyAlberta is a one-stop source for students’ academic queries, providing all relevant information regarding Alberta’s post-secondary institutes, including their admission requirements, eligibility criteria, courses offered, intakes, and admission procedures.
  •         Besides the facilitation of the transcript transfer process, ApplyAlberta offers a cost-effective method for transferring transcripts, as students are not charged a fee for any Alberta high school or post-secondary transcripts transmitted through ApplyAlberta.
  •         By enabling students to apply to several institutions without having to re-enter their details, ApplyAlberta hastens the entire admission process and saves students’ time.
  •         The confidentiality of students’ information is 100% guaranteed, as ApplyAlberta uses state-of-the-art encryption techniques and other security measures, ensuring data protection while also complying with all provincial and federal legal privacy requirements.
  •         Students get to choose among a variety of 25+ Alberta’s reputable public colleges and universities that are listed as the participating institutions of ApplyAlberta.
  •         Anyone who wishes to attend Alberta’s public post-secondary educational institutions, including international students, high-school students, adult learners, out-of-province students, home-schooled students, as well as current post-secondary continuing students, can use the ApplyAlberta portal.
  •         There is no limit to the number of Alberta public post-secondary institutions that students can apply to using ApplyAlberta.

Institutions that students can apply to via ApplyAlberta

Majority of Alberta’s public post-secondary educational institutions, some of which also stand among the best universities in Canada, accept applications through ApplyAlberta. By signing up on the portal, students can choose among 26 public post-secondary educational institutions of Alberta, including:

  •         University of Alberta
  •         University of Calgary
  •         Athabasca University
  •         Ambrose University
  •         Alberta University of the Arts
  •         Burman University
  •         Concordia University of Edmonton
  •         The King’s University
  •         St. Mary’s University
  •         Mount Royal University
  •         University of Lethbridge
  •         Bow Valley College
  •         Grande Prairie Regional College
  •         Lakeland College
  •         Red Deer College

Application Process

The application process of ApplyAlberta comprises six easy steps listed below:

  1.   Create your MyAlberta Digital ID, which is a secure account used to log in to the ApplyAlberta application portal. Subsequently, you will need to fill in your personal information, provide your legal first and last names, and agree to the terms of use.
  2.   Find your Alberta Student Number (ASN), which is a unique number allocated to students who have applied to or studied at an Alberta educational institution. In case you do not have an ASN, the ApplyAlberta system will assign you one.
  3.   Authorize the post-secondary institution(s) you are applying to, to acquire your transcripts on your behalf. You will also be required to read and agree to the Legal Agreement concerning Transcript Authorization, ApplyAlberta Privacy Notice, and Terms and Conditions.
  4.   Fill in your profile by entering your personal information, including name, contact information, birth date, and citizenship, as well as your academic history.
  5.   Select an institution of your choice and fulfill all the institution-specific requirements, such as program selection, admission requirements, etc.
  6.   After carefully reviewing all the information, submit your application and pay the institution’s application fee to have your application processed.

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