Summary- The following ARTICLE provides brief information about a renowned company which offers Toenail Fungus Laser treatment for you.

DR. OLEG KARPENKO DPM ABMSP is a healthcare service providers specialized in foot care. If you are looking for a footcare service, we are the right place for you. The structure of our body is very complex. All the body parts should remain fit and healthy to live properly. Similarly, our feet are one of the most important parts of our body. We depend on them in order to stay active, mobile and healthy at our old age. It should be diagnosed and taken care regularly so as to identify any problem and treat it at the earliest, before if grows into a bigger problem. Let’s talk about some of the benefits of foot treatment.

Regular checks are done and any kind of injury or disease is identified at earliest. Many seniors suffer the problem of poor circulation in their feet. Foot treatments can improve their circulation. Trimming toenails prevents you from cuts and makes sure that your foot looks prettier.


A dry foot is an issue in many seniors that can lead to cracked feet and is really painful. Foot treatment will keep your feet moisturized and smooth. You will get to learn more about risks and the conditions that harm your feet and you can prevent them.

It improved the mobility and this activeness has many benefits to your health. Early identification of any kind of injury or disease so that is can be treated at the earliest. We deliver you all kinds of services empowering the people to live independently in their homes and improving the quality of life for our clients and their families.

To be the best footcare service and treat each of our patients with the world-class service is our motive. We are building reputation and crossing milestones in exceptional patient care and outstanding services. We treat each person that visits our office with such a personalized service that we want for ourselves.

We assure you that you will find your each visit as comfortable and informative as possible. We offer personalized foot and ankle care for all types of conditions. We emphasize mainly on non-surgical treatment when possible. Our goal is to empower each patient to take their health in their own hand, while working closely to our qualified staffs who would assist you in any kind of disease and injury. Our working staffs include highly qualified Podiatrist Brooklyn, Foot care for seniors Brooklyn, foot surgeon Brooklyn NY, foot specialist NYC, ankle surgeon Brooklyn NY and others.

Here is the list of our services:
1.    Adult and Children Foot care
2.    Diabetic Foot Care
3.    Arthritic Foot Care
4.    Flat Feet Treatment
5.    Fungal Toenails Treatment
6.    Athlete Foot Care
7.    Strains and Sprains


We offer you much more than this.Our staffs really enjoy offering exceptional and personalized services to our patients. We are fulfilled with all kind of modern equipment that are being utilized for the treatment. We provide a gentle and family like care to the children and adults of our community and other surrounding areas.

We welcome you to our healthcare family and assure you that you will be greeted with a smile and treated with utmost dignity and respect. If you have any concern feels free to contact us. We will be happy to help and assist you.

For any concern you can visit our website or write to us via email.

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