Arabian Oud is expensive Liquid gold

Most of us have a fetish for authentic and pleasant perfumes and fragrances. A pleasant smell radiating from the body is attractive to most people. Also, perfumes are available in various scents such as fruity, musk, floral, and woody. Whichever one you use, the choice is personal!

What is the Arabian Oud?

Arabian Oud is desired by many and is an expensive fragrance because of its qualities and popularity. The Scent is potent and intoxicates everyone. Hence, it has been a favorite in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and India for centuries.

How is the Oud produced?

Oud comes from the fungal-infected resin from the Tropical Agarwood trees. The tree gets infected with a fungal parasite and produces a dark, ugly but fragrant resin used to make perfumes. But, fragrant wood is rare because hardly 2% of Agar trees get infected by mold. Also, many of the Agar trees are rare and at risk. In fact, it is a tedious and painstaking process to cultivate the perfume. Actually, this is the reason for its high price.

The popularity of the Oud:

Arabian Oud is a treasured scent of Arabic origin. Whether a man or a woman, both the sexes want to smell luxurious and subtle. A dynamic perfume can help create an elegant and sophisticated presence to captivate the people.

The wood chips of the Agar tree are lit to spread the fragrant aroma of the Oud. It is no surprise that incense prepared out of this tree was used for celebrations, get-togethers, and religious functions. Now, the Arabian Oud is becoming a hot favorite worldwide, especially in western countries.

Application of Arabian Oud:

After melting the resin, Oud oil is extracted through the distillation process. Only, a little oil application is needed to spread the amazing fragrance around. Rather, the smell can be very pungent and irritating to the nostrils if used in excess quantities. It is safe to apply the oil to the skin because it has non-irritant and non-allergic properties.

Liquid Gold or Oud:

It’s not easy harvesting this rare oil. As a result, the scent becomes expensive and unaffordable for many. Have you heard of “liquid gold? It is a name given by people to the Arabian Oud. In fact, just a 3 g bottle of this oil can sell for hundreds of dollars.

The essence of the scent

The fragrant Oud is warm and sweet. There is a strong aroma of complex woody and balsamic scents also. Thus, Oud is used as a base note to create different perfume blends and compositions.

A combination of scents can create an aromatic fragrance that sticks to the skin and clothes for a long time. The smell stays for hours after application. Sweet, warm, woody and, balsamic fragrances are unmistakably attractive. Oriental fragrances are a class apart from other perfumes, and without a doubt, they remain the first choice of many!

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