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How Programmable IoT Devices Operate

Having access to the most dependable and effective hardware speeds up the completion of your project. The ability to programme flexibly.

ESP32 Ethernet Device

When using ESP32 Ethernet, the NORVI ENET series is the best option because it has industrial-grade I/O and voltages. Both wireless and cable connectivity to the network are offered by ESP32 Ethernet.

Industrial Arduino Mega

The NORVI Arita is an enhanced version of the NORVI Series. Five conventional variants with a choice of two potent microprocessors are offered. Arita is built to deliver all of the micro-controller’s performance while maintaining reliability. It works with practically all industrial input and output formats.

Arduino based Industrial Controller

  • Arduino IDE-programmable
  • Integrated OLED and customizable buttons for HMI
  • The ability to programme flexibly
  • LED signals for simple diagnosis

Applications Using a Programmable MQTT Device and Ultra Low Energy Batteries

Agent One Industrial Controllers are available for low power applications as well; STM32L series microcontroller-controlled devices are employed in ultra low power applications, where the devices must be powered by batteries for an extended period of time. When a device goes to sleep, the Agent One BT family is specifically built with transistor outputs to turn off external sensors.

Wall mount IoT Node

The NORVI SSN range is designed for independent installations in industrial settings with a focus on tracking sensor data or parameters from external devices. The implementations are made simple by the attachments for wall installation and pole mount.

NORVI Controllers

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