Are Condoms The Best Options For Birth Control?

Condoms are unbeatable for preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. It’s a birth control way that’s also known as a barrier method of birth control which prevents sperm from entering the vagina. It is stated that a condom is effective only up to 85%. If condoms are used correctly, they provide high protection against VDs like gonorrhoea and HIVs. These diseases spread through bodily fluids. One should be aware of the best condoms for men while selecting a condom for oneself. You and your partner should decide on which one is the best condom based on its size, texture and style. There are different types of condoms available from different brands. Some are ribbed while others are dotted and lubricated. It all depends on the feel one needs and the amount of lubrication. According to health agencies, latex and polyurethane condoms, that include female condoms, can prevent HIV, hepatitis and herpes virus. The natural condoms may not provide this degree of protection. If the partners are allergic to latex condoms, they can select polyurethane ones.

If you are faced with the million-dollar question, to what extent condoms are safe? you can remain assured that condoms are effective forms of birth control and they protect one against sexually transmitted diseases. There is a wide array of condoms available in the market but all are different. They have been manufactured differently. Some are better than the rest in terms of its material, style, lubrication and the feel. And there is this distinction between thin and thick. Some people have a particular leaning towards one type of condom for a particular function or feel. You can go through its literature on the packs, google sites, etc. and find out for yourself about the condom’s style, reliability and so on based on user reviews. There are types of condoms manufactured by some companies and these condoms are touted as “closest to non-existent” that is they are super thin. Men’s magazines could be one reliable source of inputs on condoms and its large variety.

No single condom type can claim to prevent pregnancy and STD absolutely but if you want to have total protection against sexually transmitted disease, nothing else can beat a condom. They should be used correctly and you should use them every time you have sex to make sure every time, you’re safe.

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