Are Liquid Probiotics More Effective Than Pills and Gummies?

Bacteria are naturally present in the human gut which helps in several digestive functions. The balance between the good bacteria and the bad bacteria holds the digestive system together. However, when you have an infection, the percentage of bad bacteria overtakes the good bacteria present in the body. Gradually, it starts affecting the immune system and makes the host weaker. Hence, probiotics ‘good bacteria’ are induced into the body to restore the balance in the bacterial community.

Probiotics are produced by various manufacturers and in a variety of forms. Sometimes, they are consumed as a tablet or powder and at times they are used as dietary supplements in the liquid form, gummies, or even chocolates.

Interestingly, probiotics are not only beneficial for humans but are also used as feed supplements to provide additional nutrition to the animals. The products like UniClear from Sanzyme Biologics also come in a liquid form and are used in aquaculture.

When it comes to human usage, liquid probiotics come in the form of flavored drinks which can be consumed easily.

Are Liquid Probiotics More Effective Than Pills and Gummies?

Probiotics that are in the liquid form are known as liquid probiotics. Since probiotics are given to improve gut health or the digestive system, the type and strain of bacteria which are effective for your problem becomes more important. Nowadays, probiotics come in a variety of forms and dosages but not all of them may be suitable for your health.

Depending on the ease of use and suitability, you can choose whether you want to consume a probiotic pill or liquid.

However, there are certain factors that can help you decide whether you want to consume liquid probiotics or tablets and gummies.

  • Usability:

If you want to give probiotic supplements to your kid then it is easier to feed a liquid probiotic than a pill. Usually, children don’t like to consume tablets or medicines that don’t have good taste. You won’t face this problem with liquid probiotics as a few drops of liquid probiotics can be fed to toddlers and babies. Since it is easier to consume, they are the best choice for kids.

  • Shelf-Life:

Liquid probiotics come in a variety of forms like beverages or yogurt which don’t have a longer shelf life when compared to pills. They may also need refrigeration once they are opened for use. When compared to pills or powders, liquid probiotics tend to have less shelf life.

  • Favorable:

Some people don’t like to take pills regularly or they may not like the bitter taste. Liquid probiotics are more convenient for such people as they can be easily consumed. They don’t have to worry about the taste as they often contain certainly added flavors to make it flavorful. As the ingredients are mostly natural extracts, you don’t have to worry about the side effects.

  • Dosage:

Pills are made of specific dosages but they may differ with the drinks. Usually, it is difficult to determine whether you are consuming the right dosage of probiotics while using liquid probiotics. Hence, in terms of dosage, pills are precise and they ensure that the right percentage of the product is entering into the body.


Probiotics in any form whether liquid or gummies are effective in restoring your gut health. However, if you are consuming these probiotic pills, liquid and gummies make sure to consult a doctor about the dosage and take only the prescribed amount.

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