Are Log Cabins Going Out of Style?


The short answer is, “No, log cabins are not going out of style.” Cabins are thought of as smaller structures than log homes, and with the tiny home trend, they fit right in. Cabins are typically less expensive to build or buy than larger homes, and this makes them especially attractive. 

One construction method that makes cabins more economical and desirable is building them with log siding instead of full logs. You can still have the traditional round log cabin look and feel while saving a bundle in the process. 

Attractive log cabins are not just for vacations, weekend getaways, and holidays. They can be permanent residences whether in the suburbs, country, woods, or mountains. Log cabin living is as they say, “A heavenly experience.”

Research Shows Log Cabins Are Very Much in Style

For many Americans, log cabins are nostalgic hideaways that have made a comeback. Cabin fever is a warm feeling in an efficient layout that many simply cannot pass up. Here’s why:

  • The love of the outdoors is very appealing
  • Viewing nature through large windows is heart-warming
  • Comfortable homes support wellbeing
  • Wood beams and log trusses radiate ‘strength’
  • High ceilings present openness and airiness 
  • Fireplaces and wood-burning stoves are comforting

Log cabins exude an atmosphere of strength and timeliness you cannot find elsewhere. Once you live or vacation in one, you will know what thousands of others have experienced and loved. Maybe it is time you built your log cabin with log siding, trims, and corners.

Differences Between Log Cabins and Log Homes

Most of us see log cabins and log homes as different size structures. Although some homeowners live full-time in cabins, we tend to think of them as temporary residences. Here’s how they typically differ:

  • Log cabins are generally smaller, cozier and have simple layouts
  • Log cabins cost less to build and maintain than log homes
  • Cabins tend to have more traditional and old-style living elements
  • Today’s log homes tend to be custom-built
  • Log cabins may be recreational or rental properties

Both log cabins and log homes can range from off-grid to gorgeous structures that can blend nature with modern amenities. 

Log Cabins Are Cozy and Relaxing

If stress and anxiety are present when you are home, think about the cozy and relaxing environment of a log cabin. All of us can bring these two negative factors home from work and other common activities. Many reports it is easier to shake off stress and anxiety in a rustic and comforting home. You can enjoy this benefit whether you live with others or alone.

A log cabin experience can be enhanced by firing up the fireplace or wood-burning stove. Turn on some special music and relax with your favorite beverage, and turn off the world. It is even better when you have someone to talk to that is willing to understand your concerns. Some people report it is easier to resolve differences at home in a log cabin. 

Log Cabins Have Great Resale Value

Leading builders will tell you that log cabins are winners. They report log cabins are potentially better investments than traditional real estate. And why is that?

  • Log cabins are in high demand in most states
  • There are relatively few for sale in an area at any one given time
  • Real estate values typically increase over time
  • They are great for getaways
  • Log cabins are great rental properties

Today’s housing shortage is driving people into many different styles of homes, not just conventional ones. With less commuting and more people working at home, they can enjoy a rustic and relaxing atmosphere working remotely. Take good care of your log cabin and it will take care of you in many ways, including financially. 

Log Siding Cabins Are Great Values Compared to Full Log Cabins

Log siding cabins have one significant advantage over full-log homes. They can be constructed for far less money than the same size full-log homes. This creates real value and the savings can be used for multiple purposes. 

A log siding cabin may maintain its market value that equals that of a full log home of the same size. The difference is the construction savings and the profit when it comes time to sell one. Log cabins are not going out of style in anyone’s mind because they are a national treasure. 

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