Are Mobile Apps Key to Business Growth in 2020?

Mobile devices have become the focal point in businesses such as Travel & Holiday Aggregators, Hotels & Restaurants, Grocery Delivery, Health Related Consultations. These businesses have utilized mobile apps as a great way to increase visibility as well as sales. From small to mid businesses and large organizations, mobile apps have brought exceptional growth in business operations, along with offering great customer services.

Another big impetus for businesses is that the cost of building an app is steadily decreasing. Hiring a mobile app development company is pretty affordable now compared to what it was a few years back. This happened due to increasing interest in business applications, expanding customer reach and growing customers in mobile shopping, and other facets of mobile transactions.

Here is why mobile apps are crucial for business and how can be a key to business growth in 2020 and coming years:

1. Apps help in expanding your reach:

How many startups became formidable global names in just a short period of 5-10 years? Practically too many to count. A significant number of these startups or small businesses took advantage of the mobile revolution by hiring a mobile app development company and offering handy apps to their customers for a better experience.

From offering local delicacies to providing “value for money services” to a global audience, mobile apps play a crucial role in reaching out to customers across the globe. With mobile apps, you can build your brand presence in faraway places without worrying about the competition.

2. Apps create brand awareness and boost traffic:

A brand can only create a long-lasting impression by staying in front of the customer’s eyes. We at Systango, a mobile app development company London, believe that visibility is a major component of branding and mobile apps can play a significant role in boosting your online visibility.

A mobile app developed aptly according to the customer’s needs can garner higher visibility through push notifications, in-app messages, and more. Thanks to the mobile app, the logo of your company will be consistently visible to your target audience on their mobile devices.

In addition to this, mobile apps can aid in boosting traffic to your offline store. When it comes to digital marketing, mobile presence along with SEO and social media is invincible.

3. Apps Engage Customers and Create Loyal Users:

Pulling traffic to your website is a grueling task that requires continuous involvement and a considerable amount of time. However, an app doesn’t demand garnering traffic; it is downloaded consciously by the users and if found helpful, it will attract the attention of users and create loyal users.

We, at Systango, have an experienced team of mobile app developers London who deliver mobile apps with a great user experience which stands ahead of all other digital strategies. We provide you apps that are optimized with device features, integrated with mobile payment and geo-location technologies that help you leverage more business opportunities.

4. Apps Streamline Customer Service:

Apps aid in increasing customer loyalty by offering a direct line for support through mobile applications. Whether it is chatting, screen sharing, click-to-call, assisted service, your company can significantly boost the customer service experience with a user-friendly and intuitive application.

We, at Systango, a mobile app development company London, offer our clients with user-centric mobile applications that solve real business problems. We help you to realize your mobile app idea into feature-rich user experiences.

5. Mobile Apps helps in Achieving Operational Efficiency:

Using mobile apps for business does not mean launching apps just for the sake of customers. Often, business organizations also require a mobile app to make their internal processes more efficient. You can get an app to enhance business productivity and profitability.

Some business activities require a mobile application so that employees carry out daily activities in an improved and efficient manner.

6. Mobile Apps Improve Revenue Potential:

Unlike brick and mortar businesses, mobile applications remain available to businesses 24/7. Mobile applications can access mobile wallets, hence making it easy to authorize purchases.

We have a team of mobile app developers London who integrate all the payment gateways in clients’ applications that make it easy for your users to buy products. We also make sure that your payment gateway does not take to time to load and prevent your customers from abandoning the cart.

In a nutshell, whether you are looking for an app for internal productivity or as a means to capture the client’s attention, getting a mobile app for your business offers innumerable benefits. We, at Systango, mobile app development company London, have seen our clients take their business to the next level with their mobile application.

We have got extensive experience in developing bespoke mobile solutions according to the client’s requirements. Our team of mobile app developers London boasts of both technical and aesthetic skills to deliver user-centric mobile apps. If you have got an app idea, don’t delay much and schedule a call with our team today!

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