Are Silicone Pipes Safe to Smoke out of?

Glass water pipes have been the benchmark for smoking devices for a long time. They are stain-resistant, easy to clean, and their percolator makes the smoke thicker, smoother, and flavorful.

Unfortunately, glass is also very fragile; it’s prone to crack and breaks often. These pain points are the reason why silicone pipes have taken off so well. Unlike glass, silicone is durable, much easier to clean, and extremely portable because they can’t break.

There is only one issue; are silicone pipes safe to smoke out of?

What is silicone?

Silicone is a man-made polymer that comes from a mixture of silicon (a naturally occurring substance in the earth’s crust) and oxygen. Food grade silicone and higher is stable, inert, and doesn’t leak toxins. It also has a very high heat resistance of up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. That means the hot water and smoke inside your silicone pipe won’t affect the tube.

The reason why people think it’s not safe is that silicone looks and feels like plastic. Besides being vulnerable to heat, plastic is also associated with toxic by-products such as BPA that can cause cancer and worse health conditions.

So to answer the question, silicone pipes are 100% safe to smoke out of. If you are still not convinced, look at these silicone properties;

  • Low thermal conductivity- meaning it doesn’t transfer heat to your hands easily
  • Chemically inert- it doesn’t react to other chemicals or produces toxic material
  • Thermal stability- it does not retain heat, so it’s excellent for storing dab
  • Silicone does not stick to other substrates- it won’t stick to your rosin and oils
  • It deters harmful bacterial growth
  • It’s resistant to ozone, ultraviolet light, and oxygen
  • It’s easy to clean; you can dish wash it or dip in warm water

How to buy a Safe Silicone Pipe

Unfortunately, not all silicone pipes are safe to smoke out of. Like everything else, unscrupulous people sell less than reliable silicone pipes out there to make a buck. To make sure you buy a safe silicone bong, look at these factors;

  • Check where it was made. Not to be anti-china or anything, but sticking to USA-made silicone products is one of the best ways to avoid unsafe bongs. Ideally, you should check if the product has BPA and other harmful toxins, but most dodgy people won’t write that on the label.
  • Research the product and read reviews. Before you buy one, spend some time doing due diligence on the best silicone pipes.
  • Pay a bit more. As always, cheap is expensive. If you want quality and safe smoking devices, you will probably need to cough up a bit more money. If that means paying $60 for a bong, it’s okay because it will last a long time.

If you spend time and money looking for a safe silicone pipe, it’s worth it. Silicone bongs are easy to travel with, durable, affordable, and scent concealing. The fact that they are easy to clean and won’t break is just the cherry on top.

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