Are you an international citizen in need to establish paternity? Take aid of the best Family Law Attorney Indianapolis

You are dating a lovely person who already has children, and you aid them in raising their child and then getting married at some point in life. All is perfect and dreamlike for both of you. What happens if there is trouble in paradise?

For many single parents, having a child with their partner, paternity is taken to be granted. Problems take a turn for the worse when such a father decides to abandon his duties and responsibilities. Problems may take a turn for the worst as you and your child get affected by the move financially and emotionally. Issues may further complicate matters when you are an international citizen and yet to receive your green card. In such a case, it is best to approach competent Immigration Lawyers in Indianapolis to get the best advice and guidance on the matter.

Why do all these things matter?

It is quite essential when having a child, especially for a single mother who also happens to be an international citizen, to establish paternity of the child as soon as possible. This is because the child deserves to know the father’s identity, and even if you are not on the best of terms, the other person can understand the responsibility they have towards their child. Also, the child may at some point in time feel the need to be close to their father and strengthen their bond.

Similarly, approaching the best Family Law Attorney in Indianapolis means that both you and the child attain legal benefits, especially when paternity is established. They also help you appropriately approach the father and ensure that he takes up the responsibility towards you and your child. As a result, getting legal aid means that you will not be stuck raising the child on your own if the father disappears. The legal framework also ensures that the child is not neglected in any form whatsoever, be it emotionally, financially, and physically.

Other benefits of bringing in the Family Law Attorney Indianapolis

Another vital consideration that single mothers had to face was access to the father’s medical records and history. It is quite important as it impacts the present and future health of your child. Having legal access is possible through the aid of the Family Law Attorney in Indianapolis. It will help you get a chance to understand the medical conditions, family health issues, etc.

Difference between voluntary and involuntary paternity test

In case due to some reason, the parent has to resort to an involuntary paternity test, and the person is not interested in signing the declaration of paternity, then the lawyer can ask you to resort to the following steps –

  • The mother needs to sign an affidavit of the alleged father of the child
  • The father will then be located and asked to sign the declaration voluntarily and establish the paternity of the child
  • Genetic testing will be scheduled, and if the father still refuses to do so, the court may intervene and establish his paternity status by default, and if identity is established, the court will assert the same.

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