Are you confused because of the vast options available in post graduation?

While graduation was considered as the highest form of education some years back, over the years it is just another feather in the hat in terms of educational qualification. With an increasing number of graduates passing out each year, there has been an imbalance in the number of jobs and the people seeking it. Postgraduation gives one an upper edge in the industry.

The confusion that arises…

One requires analytical and logical reasoning to understand what they want and what suits their requirements. Choosing a career path is crucial as one’s future is dependent on it.

One must analyse all the options available to them before selecting on the field they want to pursue. Selecting the right course can take one’s career to great heights and transform their lives altogether. In this article, we will talk about the Pgdm course benefits to aid in making the best choice.

The benefits of pursuing PGDM

Essential to have a management degree:
MBA or PGDM equipped students are in demand in almost all sectors. Not only does it imply that one is competent to manage and administer a company, but it also means that the candidates are capable to maintain a positive attitude in adversity.

Better career opportunities:
The better and stronger your educational background, the bigger the opportunities. Students are taught the various management techniques, ways of dealing with employees, strategizing, developing workplans and agendas along with making one a valuable asset to the company.

Industry oriented programs and practical training
The curriculum is updated each year according to the advancements and additions that happen in the industry. Since PGDM is offered by autonomous colleges, they have the liberty to tweak their syllabus to best match the industry standards.

Immense networking opportunities:
Regular workshops, along with interaction with students belonging to different strata’s of the world and corporate industry provides the opportunity to interact with people who may go on to lead some of the world’s biggest organizations.

Better placement offers
This is evident and one of the top reasons for most students to pursue management
after their graduation. One can demand a higher pay package and better position with
management degree in hand.

Choice of specialisations:
One has the liberty to choose among the different specialisations according to their interests and inclinations. One can choose finance, computers, product management as their majors.

Development of skills:
The entire atmosphere is quite different from a regular university with immense hands-on learning and training sessions that aid a student’s holistic development.

Along with this, better exposure, mentoring by industry leaders and faculty members, financial aid for courses, enhancement of skill set and entrepreneurial opportunities are few of the pros of post-graduation.

The two popular courses that students pursue are either MBA or PGDM. While the former is a master’s degree, the latter is a diploma. Except for the difference in the honours, the two courses are similar. A student can rapidly rise the corporate ladder and excel in his or her profession within a short span of time.

The scope:

The current market has a huge demand for PGDM graduates with lucrative job offers and roles in various reputed companies. A huge number of MNCs recruit managers and skilled leaders and seek candidates who can guide a company.

PGDM provides not only credibility and reliability but also ensures that the administration of a company is in safe hands. Deloitte, Goldman sachs, Citibank ,ITC, reliance, wipro and Philips are few of the top recruiters.

Kamal Nair is a PGDM holder and also teaches students who are preparing for doing their post-graduation studies. He has been conducting live sessions with students to clear their doubts and help them decide their future path. From suggesting courses to the pgdm course benefits, Mr. Shekhar is the go-to person for all queries related to management. You can contact him through the website.

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