Are You Facing Difficulty in Swallowing? Consult Gastroenterologist Online

Do you have problems swallowing? Are the foods that you take causing you to have acid reflux, heartburn or indigestion? If yes, then it is high time that you consult gastroenterologist online. The doctor will then help you treat the problem effectively. You must not ignore this because once your condition starts getting worse; there is a chance that it can be treated immediately before things go out of control. So, why wait? Get yourself seen at once and get on the right track so that nothing stops your progress from getting better.

This article will help you understand the diagnosis and treatment procedure for swallowing issues.

Swallowing Disorder Diagnosis

To determine the source of the swallowing difficulty, your health care practitioner will most probably ask the patient for a summary and background of their swallowing difficulties, do a physical examination, as well as employ some tests.

Tests may involve the following:

X-ray with contrast agent (Barium X-ray)

You consume a barium mixture, which covers your oesophagus and makes it visible on X-rays. The doctor can then observe modifications in the structure of your oesophagus and analyse the muscle movement.

Dynamic swallowing investigation

You consume barium-coated meals of varying consistency. This test visualises these items as they pass through your throat. The photos may reveal issues with the synchronisation of your throat and mouth muscles during swallowing and determining if food is entering your breathing tube.


A small, flexible illuminated probe is passed through your throat to allow your doctor to observe your oesophagus. Your doctor may do oesophagal biopsies to search for eosinophilic esophagitis, inflammation, narrowing, or any tumour.


As you attempt to swallow, your doctor may check your throat via a small camera attached to a lighted tube.

 Manometry, or oesophagal muscle testing

Manometry involves inserting a tiny tube into your oesophagus and connecting it to a small pressure recorder to monitor the muscular contractions of your oesophagus while you swallow.

Swallowing Disorder Treatment

Most swallowing disorders are treatable, however, the therapy you get will be determined by the kind of dysphagia you suffer. The therapy you receive will be determined by whether your swallowing difficulty is in your throat or mouth or in your oesophagus. They are classified as oropharyngeal dysphagia or oesophageal dysphagia.

When choosing therapy or management, the aetiology of dysphagia is typically also taken into account. Addressing underlying issues, like oesophagal cancer or mouth cancer, might help ease swallowing issues in certain situations. Dysphagia treatment can be treated by a team of professionals that includes a speech & language therapist (also known as SLT), a nutritionist, and even a surgeon in some cases.

The Bottom Line

People seldom overlook medical issues like swallowing disorders but they can tremendously affect the quality of their lives. It is good to be healthy especially when you have a family and daily work to attend to; make sure that you are on top of your game at all times. Consult a good doctor and stay safe.

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