Are You Falsely Accused of a Crime? Here’s 3 Things You Should Do


Being falsely accused of a crime is even worse than being found guilty. Indeed, thousands of innocent people are often charged with crimes they didn’t commit. This mostly happens due to several reasons, such as investigation failures, forced confessions, misidentification, and more. Fortunately, you can fight and find the right solution with the assistance of proficient criminal lawyers in Sydney. Here’s what you need to do if you are wrongfully accused of a crime.

Hire an Attorney:

The first thing you need to do is hire a criminal defence lawyer in Sydney. Several innocent people often don’t get legal assistance because they assume that their innocence will be proven somehow. But criminal law is a lot more complicated than you think. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to seek the assistance of criminal lawyers in Sydney, who can protect you from severe consequences. You need to hire someone who has a wealth of experience and skills in criminal law. The experts can creatively come up with solutions that will benefit you in the long run.

Remember that being accused and being charged are two different scenarios. A skilled criminal defence lawyer will do everything to ensure that no charges are laid on you. We will also ensure that the investigation is carried out as per law while also ensuring that your rights are protected.

Collect Strong Evidence and Witnesses:

Evidence is of great importance in any case, and so are witnesses. Therefore, take the time to create a list of potential witnesses who can prove your innocence. These witnesses should know a thing or two about the accusation or the incident. Rather than contacting the witnesses yourself, let the lawyer interact with them.

Additionally, your legal representation will look for solid evidence that proves your innocence. This could be anything, such as photographs, video footage, emails, text messages, clothing, and more. Never destroy any evidence you may have. The Sydney criminal law specialists can tell you how the available evidence and witness statements can be leveraged to achieve a good outcome.

Remember That You Have the Right to Remain Silent:

When you are wrongfully accused of a crime, it makes sense that you want to say you are innocent to anyone and everyone. However, anything you say or do can get twisted by the police , so they can make you appear to be guilty. So never disclose any information to the police or media until you get legal advice.

Also, stay away from social media at this time and never try to communicate with the accuser in any way. The right thing to do is to follow the guidance of your legal team. They will suggest what needs to be done for damage control and eventually prove your innocence.

Act fast and hire a criminal barrister in Sydney if you are a subject of a false accusation.

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