Are You Wondering If You Have a Clogged Drain? Here Are Some Telltale Signs


Has your sink been backing up, causing your dishes to pile up? Do you smell a foul odor coming from under the kitchen sink or in the bathroom? If so, you may have a clogged drain on your hands, and you should act fast before it gets worse! A drain that has been clogged can cause more damage than one might expect. Clogs can become serious in nature if they’re not dealt with quickly and thoroughly. A plumbing Markham expert lists some telltale signs that you have a clogged drain.

Bad Odor From the Drains:

If you notice an unpleasant smell coming from your drains, it’s likely because they’re clogged. When water can’t flow freely through the drain, it starts to stagnate and create an ideal environment for bacteria to grow. These bacteria can cause all sorts of problems, including bad odors. If you notice a foul smell coming from your drains, it’s time to take action and clear the blockage. It’s ideal to hire an expert for drain repair in Markham.

Slow Drains:

If your drains are draining slower than usual, it’s probably because they’re starting to get clogged. When hair, soap scum, and other debris build up in your drains, they can start to slow down. If you notice your drains taking longer to clear out, it’s time to give them a good cleaning. There are a few different ways to do this. You can use hot water and baking soda or vinegar to loosen the gunk inside the pipes. You could also try using a plunger to unclog the pipes.

Toilet Doesn’t Flush:

If your toilet doesn’t flush properly, it could be a sign that your drain is clogged. If water starts backing up into your toilet bowl or drains slowly, you probably have a blockage somewhere in your system. Another sign that your toilet isn’t flushing properly is if the water level in the bowl drops after each flush. This means that the water isn’t draining as quickly as it should be and is an indication of a partial blockage.

There’s Gurgling Noises:

You know that feeling when you flush the toilet and suddenly the water starts making all sorts of gurgling noises? That’s usually a sign that there’s something blocking the flow of water in your plumbing Markham. If you notice this happening, it’s time to take a closer look at your drains. One way to check for potential blockages is by pouring a few cups of water down your sink or tub drain. If the water seems like it’s just sitting at the bottom instead of draining away, then there might be an issue with your plumbing system or one of your sinks.

You only have to do routine maintenance on your drains every few months or so. But when something happens, you’ll need to know whether your sink or shower drain has become clogged. Enlist the help of a professional emergency plumber Markham qualified in drain cleaning and repair.

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