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However, Titan still got some good news: two players & mdash; & mdash; rookie attack cut offsia in ISAIAH WILSON and sparring group defensive guards Greg Mabin & mdash; & mdash; Activate from the new crown reserve list.

The rookie runs to Demris – Gas is inappropriately asked by the team
Derrius Guice said that he was insulting questions from reporters last week. The question content includes his sexual impulse and his mother is a prostitute.

Two years ago, Atlantian Funding Eagle Second Coach and Advanced Defensive Teaching Malcan Manuel (Marquand Manuel) was in the physical measurement of the Eli Apple “I like men.” Later, Manuel and read article Falcon’s main coach Dan Quinn apologized to Epper. In 2010, Dolphin General Manager Jeff – Ireland has also questioned DEZ BRYANT, whether his mother is a prostitute.

Last season, Hogan gave birth to the new England patriot, and the 532 yards were obtained 3 times. He can bring the old experience to the Black Panther’s Leopard’s Black Funchess and Damiere Byrd. He will become the largest external connector of the black panthake in the old age of 32 years old.

Recently, he told reporters: “When I was tetched by the ram, I had time to think about something, you always have a chance, you only need to respect and love these opportunities, and the coach I chose me in my rhetoric period. We have been in touch. After I was touched, I had a lot of communication with him. “Obviously Reed is the main reason for the decision of Falls.

Cole is one of the most well-hit hands in the past 10 years, although he did not complete more than 8 kills in the single season, but he is still a core player in the team rushing tactics. . Even from the defensive end of the front, it is not allowed to stop this old to apply pressure to the opponent quartz.

“Similar problems are very inappropriate, and the policy of the alliance is completely contrary.” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said that “NFL and teams should treat all employees equally, behavioral manners should be with labor agreement, federal law As the terms of Intercontinental Law on diversity and inclusion. We have intervened the investigation. The Alliance will remind the club every year to obtain the player’s sexual orientation related information is prohibited. ”

Eagle cut back the elderly, Trent-Cole
Philadelphus eagle was very active after the season, according to NFL official reporters, the team had already tried to Trent Cole. In the past two weeks, the eagle has cut off a number of players on both ends of the attack. In order to enable the team more competitive, they have to endure their goodbye.

Gain said when participating in the broadcast show on Wednesday. “It’s too crazy, some people want to use all means to test your reaction & hellip; & hellip; in a room, the team asked me that I don’t like men, just to see how I respond. There is another room, They talk about my family or other things, such as: & lsquo; Hey, I heard that your mother is selling. Do you have any ideas for this? & Rsquo;

Titan issued a statement on Sunday, saying that because a team staff new crown virus test results are positive, they closed the team base. NFL TV reporter Tom Pelissero report that this staff member is a coach of Titan.

The Cole career is selected twice in a career bowl, completing 85.5 times, and manufactures 19 times. The 32-year-old Cole will be between 35-40 in the free player list, and he still has the ability to attract other teams. At present, the eagle has cleaned enough salary space, in a limited time, their main goal will be retain Jeremy Macin and Brand Graham.

In the first half of the 2015 season, several teams have tasted suffering because of the play of the player, but Justin Tucker has always been a crow coach, teammate and Baltimore fans trusted score. But this is a 25-year-old boy who is a bit old, his hobby and the rugby contrast is particularly clear & mdash; & mdash; singing opera! Tucker can sing opera in seven languages ​​& mdash; & mdash; English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Latin, and Russian. Although he is not a professional class, he graduated from the University of Texas, he liked the opera from a small, and kept practicing.

Jamaal Charles’s art name is very ordinary DJ Charles, he said that others will know that it is him, not the “DJ Firehouse” who is “DJ Firehouse”. His time even when he was interviewed, he even claimed to be a full-time DJ after retirement in NFL. For the same thing as playing rugby and DJ, Charles said that both in front of a large number of spectators, they just came to see you, you have to contribute the best performance for them.

Just a day ago, Titan’s first return training since the outbreak of the epidemic. Before finally restarting, the Titan team base has been close to the next two weeks. Since many players diagnosed new crown after the third week, Titan was first closed for the first time in September 29. After that, more Titan players and staff diagnosed infections, NFL returned their fourth week to the stages of the stray of Pittsburgh to the seventh week.

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