Ask about getting into RuneScape

Remember that your defense prayers only operate on 1/5th of the Shamans strikes.He’ll ask you to rs2007 gold find out what goes on there. Go into the mirrors and inquire Eblis about a grave beneath the pyramid of Azzandria. He’ll tell you of an early King name Orien, which Orien was the first follower of Zaros that could use the Ancient Magicks. Ask about getting into the grave and he will tell you that the nearest relatives of the guardians have the bottoms of Orien. .

Sphere of Shadow. Go to Mor’ton, first begin getting your sanctity to 100 percent as it’s at 100% use a ring of prominence onto it to get a ring of prominence (e). Wear it and go towards the middle of Mor’ton plus a black ladder should be there. Try and climb it but you personality can’t grasp it. A message will appear saying”Just Ghosts… May. . .

You must now get a pair of Ghostly Robes (Top, Bottom, Hood, Gloves, Boots, and Cloak). (Side Note: You don’t need to use the robes once within the crypt but when wearing them Damis’ prayer drain speed is cut in half.) Just take the Ghostly Set and get your sanctity to 100 percent and use a peice of it together with the sacred fire to get a ghostly peice(e). You must do this on again until you get a comprehensive set of enlightened ghostly robes. Now wind up on prayer potions( Around 24) and get ready for a lengthy fight. You should now be in an area full of level-128 ghosts. Run past them and start the gates, you’re now in Damis’ Crypt.

All that’s in there’s a coffin. Open the coffin and it will explode dealing 20 damage to you along with the level-100 Damis will attack you. His first form can not empty your prayer. Once you kill him he will dissolve to a shadow and then look again as his next more powerful level-200 form. This form drains 4 prayer points pevery time he strikes you (Even if it is a 0) and is very strong (All forms utilize new spells earned, the first uses shadow pummel, the second uses shadow smash and the third uses shadow quake.) ( the second and first forms look like the first Damis out of DT pt1).

After murdering him he’ll, like his first form, dissolve to the shadows. Out of this shadow will come his 3rd form. The 3rd type is a level-300 black demon weilding two iron 2-handed swords. This monstrosity strikes twice and may hit up to 40 damage. In addition, he drains 20 prayer points each hit (even if it’s a 0). Also on his 3rd type his body releases toxic fums that poisen you coping 10 poisen and may only be healed with buy RuneScape gold super anti posisen. After you kill his 3rd form he’ll fall two things, the world of shadow and Damis’ stays, take them Both!!!!! After both items are picked up 10 level-153 shadow warriors will look.

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