Assembling the Best Solar-Powered Panels for Houses

According to 2016 data from the World Bank, only 38 percent of Haitian homes were connected to the electrical grid. This led to the widespread adaptation of solar-powered panels for houses in the country, thanks to the initiative of technology and energy companies. But even though Haiti has come a long way in promoting and utilizing solar energy, many homes are still yet to experience the benefits of this power harvested from the sun.

Are you planning to go solar this year? You are probably on the lookout for the best solar-powered panels for houses. But before you buy a solar panel kit, you should know that assembling it is not as easy as it may look. It’s always a good idea to find a company that offers an all-in-one service, including inspection, assembly, and maintenance.

The following steps in installing solar-powered panels for houses will further explain the importance of hiring experienced and expert professionals.

Inspection or site evaluation:

Before the installation, company technicians will visit your home for inspection, surveying your roof and checking the areas suitable for solar panels. The surveywill also help them determine the right size and model of solar panel kit that saves money and provides sufficient electricity for your home at the same time. They do this by carefully considering your energy use.

Designing and permitting:

After gathering all the information, the professional installers will then design a solar engineering and site plan that takes into accountthe number of panels needed and where they will be installed, as well as the wiring of the system. They will then submit the plan to the respective permitting departments in your locality.

Installation of the solar panel kit:

The actual installation will take place after receiving the permit, following the site plan design. After that, the professionals will clean the roof and provide training on the use of your new solar panel. Ongoing monitoring and repair services may be provided as well.

Choosing the right partner:

Since you will likely have many companies that offer solar panel kits and services to choose from, you have to be extra thorough. It’sessentialto evaluate each of them by checking their history, reputation, and reviews to make sure you are selecting the best fit for you and your home.

About the Author:

Patrick Eugene is the founder and CEO of DigitalKap. Patrick was born and raised in Haiti before he went to the U.S. to pursue a degree in Computer Science. Patrick returned to Haiti and began DigitalKap in 2011. The company has since grown to be a leading solar energy EPC provider in Haiti.DigitalKap works with clients across every sector and on projects ranging from small home portable solar generators to microgrids,and alsoprovideshigh-quality solar energy products for retail sale.Patrick and DigitalKap have been recognized nationally and internationally for their strides in bringing renewable energy to Haiti.


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