ATM Security: 6 ATM Safety Tips To Make Your Transactions Safer

ATMs are convenient. They’re open at all hours. They make it easy for you to withdraw cash. And they often come with features that allow you to check your balance or even make a deposit when you’re paying for your bills.

However, using ATMs do come with a few risks. Make sure you keep yourself safe. Here are useful suggestions to remember. While these shouldn’t alarm you, these suggestions should be enough to give you an idea of what to avoid the next time you withdraw cash through this well-known cash machine.

Protect Your PIN

Don’t write down your PIN number. Try to go with a sequence that you remember. Also, when you enter the figures into the keypad, cover it. Placing your wallet on top might do the trick, too. Covering your PIN number helps keep it safe from prying eyes.

Ensure Distance

Before you enter the PIN number, though, look behind you. Is the person next in line much too close for comfort? Be firm but assertive when you ask that person to take a step back. That’s one way to keep your PIN protected.

Bring Someone with You

It’s a good idea to bring someone along. That friend or family member can stand next in line so you won’t have to worry about prying eyes trying to get a good look at your PIN number. Also, if you’re withdrawing cash from an ATM is easier when you have a buddy with you. Your buddy can discourage would-be robbers from targeting you since they’ll also need to deal with your friend.

Choose the Right Time

Don’t tempt fate. If you must withdraw from an ATM, make sure you don’t do it right at midnight from a deserted ATM. As much as you can, withdraw during the day or pick a safe location. That usually means ATMs that are in businesses or crowded places. With more people around, you’ll less likely to be targeted.

Don’t Wait Around

When you get the money, don’t stand around the machine counting your bills. That exposes you to potential danger as now people have an idea of how much money you have on you. Instead, slip the bills into your wallet and walk back to your car.

Organize Your Bills at Home

If you’re an organized soul, you might have done this a time or two. That is, settled into your car and counted out the bills or organized them in your wallet. But that’s risky. If someone follows you to the parking lot and attempts to open your car or threaten you, you’ll be a sitting duck. Minimize the risks by waiting until you get home before you start setting aside bills for your budget.

Check for a Card Skimmer

This is a device that’s attached to the terminal of the ATM. It’s used to steal your information, though, so be careful. IF you see any signs of that, report it to the bank. Don’t use that machine. Also look for any other signs that the unit has been tampered with and report those too.

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